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Automatic Well Matching Accelerates Deal Evaluation

Learn how EnergyLink® Premium reduced the time-consuming process of well matching by 75%.

Success at a Glance


  • Manual well matching caused delays and inefficiencies
  • Discrepancies in reconciling data from different operators
  • Evaluating high-value transactions in a timely manner


  • Automatic matching of well APIs to revenue and joint interest billing (JIB) statements using the EnergyLink network
  • Comprehensive and efficient portfolio management
  • Faster due diligence and execution of high-value deals


  • Reduced deal evaluation process from 20 hours to just five hours
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Quicker decision making through improved visibility into assets cashflow with nonoperated reporting

Client Overview

Raisa Energy is a forward-thinking company with nonoperated interests in more than 15,000 wells across most major basins in the United States. Their operations involve processing more than 300 revenue checks and JIB statements monthly. The company combines their extensive well portfolio with a strong emphasis on technology, employing data scientists and software engineers. Efficiently managing and processing large volumes of data at scale is a critical component to their operations.


The Journey From Frustration to Innovation

Raisa Energy’s challenges revolved around managing an extensive well portfolio while maintaining a commitment to technological innovation. This made the efficient and accurate matching of well data a top priority. Raisa Energy recognized the value of Enverus EnergyLink Premium as a pivotal solution to streamline their manual well matching process. Gaining access to a comprehensive inventory of well data and automating their processes drastically reduced manual data entry and improved accuracy.


Scalability Through Mass Data Processing

As a company with extensive interests spanning numerous wells and entities, scalability is at the core of Raisa Energy’s business model. The power of EnergyLink Premium’s technology allows them to aggregate wells, reconcile data and gain insights quickly to obtain a competitive advantage. It has become an indispensable tool, empowering the Raisa Energy team to propel growth and success in the energy industry.


Redefining Well Matching for Operational Excellence

EnergyLink Premium reduced the time-consuming process of well matching by 75%. As Raisa Energy continues to leverage Enverus solutions, they are poised to further optimize their operations and achieve even greater efficiencies in the future.




Company Size

50 employees


Denver, CO

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