Transmission Projects Advance in New York and New England

Image of power lines

The Northeastern U.S. has some of the most ambitious decarbonization goals in the nation, and some of the most vocal detractors to new infrastructure. This is notable when any project advances, let alone begins construction, as in the case of the Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE) HVDC line. Meanwhile, a project in Maine is in […]

What’s Really Wrong With ERCOT?

Since early 2020, ERCOT has experienced tremendous load growth. From 2019 to 2021, the number of 4CP days grew approximately 4%, and reached 11% in 2022. During this time, Off-Peak load growth, which is likely coming from datacenters, has outpaced On-Peak load growth. During the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns kept people in their homes. This required […]

Integrated Resource Plans: An Introduction to Future Capacity and Decommissions

Power lines

Electric utility providers’ primary objective is to deliver reliable energy to customers and plan for the future. Utilities closely monitor energy demand and if they have capacity to meet future needs or not. Market conditions evolve — plants reach the end of their lifecycle, new policies get introduced, communities grow or decline. Emerging technologies, such […]

Identify Investment Opportunities With MUSE and P&R Forecast

With ERCOT’s frequent congestion in West Texas, getting the precise area (or line) when trading, managing or assessing congestion is crucial. Ending up on the wrong side of these constraints can be costly. The recent day-ahead and real-time trends have included strong LPLMK_LPLNE_1 congestion. But what is driving this congestion? Will it continue? Enverus’ new […]

Enverus Intelligent Connections Reveal a Clear Path to Energy’s Future

Saying the energy industry — an industry accustomed to challenge and change — has been rocked over these past few years is probably an understatement. Pandemics, wars, wildly variable oil futures, rapidly changing energy policies and inflation have quickly increased the complexity of one of the world’s largest, most important industries. As the complexity increases, […]

SPP Market Analysis: High Congestion Impacts Hub Price Spread

High-voltage power lines passing through a green field, on the background of a beautiful cloudy sky

We have seen that windy days in the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) market increase North Hub and South Hub price differences. We investigated and analyzed this market behavior with Panorama. In the below publication screenshot, we can see a huge hub price spread on June 23, a windy day in SPP region. High transmission congestion […]

Inflation Reduction Act of 2022: Initial Takeaways from Enverus

The United States Capitol Building in Washington, DC

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 would restore tax credits for solar and wind projects to their full rates and ensure they stay in effect at those levels for at least another decade, removing the ambiguity and unknowns that were bad for business. In addition, the act would introduce tax incentives for standalone storage and […]

Energy Levelized — Episode 11: Powering Up the Power Markets

Energy Levelized Episode 11

In our latest episode of Energy Levelized, we discuss how U.S. state and federal regulators are managing the integration of renewable technology, increased power demand following COVID-19, and rising summer temperatures. Morgan Kwan and Ian Nieboer interview Adam Jordan, managing director for Enverus Intelligence Research managing director, on his perspectives on renewable energy, growing demand […]

E-Book: Renewable Energy Project Siting Guide

Windmills & Solar Panels

The early stages of a renewable energy project begin with determining the plant motivation, siting a location, defining the generation and securing an offtake or a power purchase agreement (PPA). Siting a renewable energy project is complex, involving multiple economic, environmental and market factors. Traditionally, power project siting required developers to complete the resource-intensive task […]

Impact of Electric Vehicles on the North American Power Grid

Loading energy of an electric car

There is growing speculation that electric vehicle (EV) charging could threaten the stability of the North American electrical grid. According to Enverus Intelligence Research, EV charging could significantly impact the power grid in 2035 or at 70% adoption of EV. In this analysis, Enverus Intelligence Research reviewed the residential load profile and effects on EV […]