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Enverus Learning and Development launched in February 2023. Learning & Development is committed to empowering our customers through creating Education, Certifications, Learning Sites and Training Webinars. We offer four Training Webinar series to fit our varying skillsets and experiences with our products so you can make the most of your partnership with Enverus.

What Training Webinars does Enverus Learning & Development offer?

Learning & Development has monthly Training Webinars designed to showcase how our clients can integrate Enverus into their daily workflow to drive additional efficiency and development, or to refresh and keep on the latest enhancements available to them.

What topics are covered?

There are four webinar series, Onboarding Series, Toolbox Series, What’s New? Series, and Enverus Products by Profession Series.

Who would benefit from attending these webinars?

The four-webinar series is designed to create training for all Enverus skill levels. The Onboarding Series helps new users that are just getting started in Enverus or for anyone who needs a refresher in what Enverus offers. The Toolbox Series and Enverus Products by Profession Series go into more robust and specific workflows for more intermediate or advanced skill levels. The What’s New? Series keeps all users updated with the latest enhancements and additions to Enverus that could benefit their daily workflows.

What is the benefit of Enverus Training Webinars?

Education! In 2023, more than 900 clients attended Learning & Development Training Webinars. These webinars helped clients gain skills and knowledge of Enverus PRISM® to do their jobs better and faster.

How can you find out more about the Learning & Development Training Webinars and register to attend?

Log into Learning & Development from the Enverus Product Gallery and click on the Webinar tile, CLICK HERE to go directly to the Webinar Calendar Learning & Development site to register, or email [email protected].

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