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Enverus 2021 Free Virtual SPARK Conference: Top 5 Reasons to Attend

bySusie Yuill

The energy sector’s focus has shifted significantly over the last two years. And while our industry is no stranger to change, we find ourselves in uncharted waters with the growing importance of ESG (environmental, social and governance) initiatives and a lingering global pandemic. Since its inception, the driving purpose of the SPARK Conference is to help professionals in energy navigate present and potential future challenges with thought leadership and new innovation. While we are unable to meet in person, this year’s SPARK Virtual Conference, taking place Oct. 13-14, continues to offer diverse and exciting content that’s guaranteed to inspire you.

Here are our top five reasons you don’t want to miss this year’s SPARK Conference!

1. Learn how to transform your supply chain into a strategic value chain

For the energy sector, the days of cheap capital and fat margins are over. Our industry must provide proof of sustainable, profitable operations while navigating ESG initiatives. The environment of volatility in commodity markets and the macroeconomic situation created by COVID-19 have thrust the importance of a strong, strategic supply chain to the forefront of everyone’s awareness. Historically, the energy supply chain has been viewed and treated as tactical and reactive. Now companies look to transform it into a strategic value chain through improved processes and cost efficiency. This is a key focus of the SPARK 2021 Conference, with several sessions showcasing new innovation in this area.

2. Gain actionable strategies directly from your peers

We believe the most powerful examples of success with Enverus Business Automation solutions come directly from our customers. This year’s conference features 12 customer-led sessions, discussing topics like improving efficiency with valuable insights gleaned from digital tickets, leveraging touchless invoicing automation, and building strong relationships with your mineral owners with premium support services. Thought leaders like Marathon Oil, Laredo Petroleum, Camino Natural Resources, Discovery Natural Resources, Continental Resources and others will discuss their unique experiences implementing and adopting Enverus solutions and the amazing results they’ve experienced. Don’t miss a chance to ask them questions and learn from them!

3. Challenge your current knowledge and understanding

More than 400 upstream and midstream companies use the Enverus OpenInvoice solution to manage their accounts payable process with the 50,000 suppliers that are onboarded to the OpenInvoice network. Some have been transacting on the solution for 20 years now! And while your company may use the platform, we are betting there are new, innovative developments in OpenInvoice that you don’t know … yet. This is why we encourage you to attend this year’s SPARK Conference. You’re going to learn things that you didn’t know about this familiar, trusted platform.

4. Network with your peers and industry experts

It is rare to have such a diverse group of industry players from different backgrounds together in one place at the same time. And while we are unable to meet face-to-face, this conference provides you with a unique opportunity to relax, connect with your peers and have fun while learning.

5. Attend thought-provoking keynotes by industry thought leaders

The phrases ESG and free cash flow are on everyone’s lips these days. So we can’t wait to hear from Scott Tinker, director of the Bureau of Geology, in his keynote session, Cheap, Reliable, and Clean: ESG and NZE Context and Reality, the lunch panel, Creating a Cycle of Certainty – How Strategic Sourcing Powers the Cycle of a Profitable Source-to-Pay Initiative, and the breakfast keynote by Enverus’ Chief Product Officer Jimmy Fortuna, where he will discuss how Enverus is approaching connected data and systems to address changing needs and technologies. Each of these sessions tie closely to our new operating environment, so don’t miss what they have to say!

If we’ve not impressed you enough to convince you to attend this year’s conference, here’s a bonus reason. SPARK is completely FREE. You read that correctly. We are providing two days of valuable content and your only investment is your time. Be sure to register today by clicking below!

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Susie Yuill

Susie Yuill

Susie Yuill is Director of Product Marketing at Enverus. She specializes in bringing SaaS software products to market and creating and implementing high-value marketing programs to reach and convert target accounts. Throughout the years, she has led the marketing product launches for several SaaS products for various industries. Susie is a proud, fightin' Texas A&M Aggie and earned an MBA from Texas State University.

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