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70% of the Interconnection Queue Will Be Scrapped. Who Will Be a Winner?


There has been an increase in demand and adoption of renewable power sources in North America. Since 2007, we have experienced a boom of solar and wind power joining the grid, generating a hefty amount of clean power.

In the next four years, ISO queues are crammed with 700 gigawatts of planned projects across seven ISO looking to come online between 2022 and 2025. However, many of these proposed projects will not be built, because the power demand has grown but not enough to need 700 gigawatts.

Developers, investors and off-takers are analyzing the current queue in detail for the probability of these plants coming online … and the ones that will fall to the side.

Enverus Interconnection Queue Report

Read the full report and learn how to analyze the queue for winners and losers.

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