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45 Top Oil and Gas News Stories of 2014


Interesting. News. This week, we’re all focused on news about industry reaction to declining US crude prices, and are pretty caught up on Halliburton and Baker Hughes’ merger, Kinder Morgan’s restructuring, Harold Hamm’s divorce, and Aubrey McClendon’s continuing good fortune.

But as 2014 comes to a close, I thought it would be neat to take a look back at all the top 10 emails I have sent out this year (you can sign up for the newsletter in the little box in the right sidebar), pull the most popular link from each email (ie, the most interesting link to you the readers), compile a list, and take a look back.

So, here they are, The 45 Most Interesting Oil and Gas News Stories of 2014.

The First Quarter

During Q1 2014 we all seemed to ping-pong around Eagle Ford, Permian and Oklahoma Activity, with the occasional foray into how our peers were operating, and how the other half was living. Good times.

Permian_Basin oil and gas news

The Second Quarter

Q2 2014 had our attention on South, East and West Texas, but with a keen eye for some of the emerging activity like the Buda, the Cline, the TMS and SCOOP

The Third Quarter

Q3 started off with The Nations Birthday and a lot of attention on the Eagle Ford and ended with a well-deserved recognition of our CEO, Allen Gilmer.

Eagle Ford Shale Oil Gravity oil and gas news

The Fourth Quarter

The 4th Quarter is, well, up and down for sure. We’re certainly worried about the price of oil, and the cost of regulation, but if there is significant activity in a play, we want to know.

oil price oil and gas news

So there it is: the year that was 2014. What other big story should we look back on? Leave a comment below.

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