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Using 120-Day Hourly Nodal Wind and Solar Forecasting in Your FTR Trading Strategy

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Wednesday, June 5, 2024
1:00 PM | Central Time

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As renewable energy continues its rapid development across the United States, understanding how weather influences the grid becomes increasingly complex and crucial. FTR traders and asset owners require more clarity in their mid-term power forecasts so that they can optimize their trades and assets for maximum returns.
Join us in our upcoming webinar, where we will unveil our latest solution: Mid-Term Nodal Renewable Forecast. This innovative tool blends machine learning and physics-based models to provide a unique 120-day view of hourly farm-level nodal and solar forecasts. By leveraging this solution, users can outperform competitors, enhance forecast confidence, and uncover new trading opportunities.
Here is what you can expect from this webinar:


  • Expert insights into the load growth experienced across the United States and the role of weather, along with future trend predictions
  • Strategies for identifying potential trade opportunities based on interconnection queue information and new build reports
  • Exploration of regions with significant renewable energy integration and potential grid disruptions
  • Examination of capacity factors in specific areas and understanding potential grid congestion when renewable generation is integrated
  • Insight into how Mid-Term Nodal Renewable Forecast’s ensemble of monthly wind, load and temperature forecasts offers a probabilistic approach to inform users of possible grid scenarios down to the farm level, aiding in the assessment of FTR trade risk
  • A walkthrough of a workflow to identify constraints, empowering users to make informed trades


Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to gain invaluable insights and confidence in your power forecasting. Join us to discover how Mid-Term Nodal Renewable Forecast can unlock new trading opportunities, mitigate trading and asset risk, and elevate your forecasting game.



Rush Milam

Sr. Manager, Commercial Strategy

Rush is a Senior Manager of Commercial Strategy with Enverus' Power & Renewables team, where he focuses on our congestion and shorter-term power solutions. Before joining Enverus, he spent more than 10 years in various risk, analyst and trading roles in the energy and commodities industry. He is based in Austin, Texas.


Thomas Sherman

VP, New Markets Power & Renewables

Thomas Sherman is a Vice President in the Power and Renewables Division. He has research and modeling experience in renewable energy, power markets, environmental systems, and atmospheric sciences. His expertise is applying and developing state-of-the-art technology to solve industry problems. Thomas was a founder of CRCL Solutions and joined Enverus by acquisition in the summer of 2023. His current interests focus on forecasting renewable power production for real-time, day-ahead, and FTR trading tools. Thomas holds a PhD in Environmental Modeling from Notre Dame University, and a Bachelors in Science in Mathematics, and Environmental Science from University of Virginia.


Adam Jordan

Director of Markets

Adam brings more than 15 years of power market experience to Enverus. His expertise aids all stakeholders in the power space through the energy transition. Adam has also worked for Independent Power Producers as an analyst, getting hands on with operations, hedging and planning activities, to name a few. He holds a degree in Economics & Finance from Bentley University.

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