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So you’ve inherited mineral rights, now what?

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Friday, September 29, 2023
1:00 PM | Central Time

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This webinar was originally recorded on September 29th,2023


Inheriting mineral rights can open the door to substantial income, but it also raises important questions. What exactly do you own? How can you assess its true value? How can you proactively manage your interests and overcome ownership challenges?

Our exclusive webinar is designed for individuals like you – heirs to a valuable legacy that lies beneath.

What to expect:

  • Understanding your inheritance: Demystify the complex landscape of mineral rights. We simplify terminology and legalities, empowering you to understand your ownership comprehensively.
  • Unveiling its worth: Gain insights into methodologies used to determine the value of mineral rights. Navigate market fluctuations with confidence and make informed decisions about your holdings.
  • Managing your interests: Learn effective management strategies – from leasing tactics to optimizing returns. Safeguard your interests and make your mineral rights work for you.
  • Navigating challenges: New ownership can bring unexpected challenges. We equip you with strategies to tackle common obstacles and emerge victorious.
  • Preparing for inheritance: If you’re awaiting an inheritance, proactive planning is key. We guide you through essential steps for a seamless transition and maximizing newfound ownership benefits.



Phillip Dunning

Director of Corporate Strategy at Enverus

Prior to joining Enverus in early 2016, Phillip worked as an A&D engineer in the Appalachian Basin and later as a managing director at an upstream private equity firm. While at Enverus, he has served in various roles, most recently as principal of corporate strategy. Phillip served for 10 years as an engineering officer in the U.S. Army, retiring in 2021. Phillip holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Ohio State University and a Master of Engineering from the University of Louisiana.

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