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Muse in Mosaic – The Next Level in Real-Time Congestion Analytic

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Wednesday, November 2, 2022
1:30 PM | Central Time

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This webinar will present new workflows available for MUSE, our congestion analytics tool, as we integrate it into our next-generation Mosaic platform. Mosaic will allow our MUSE customers the same functionality as currently available, with new options to customize and enhance their experience. It also opens new time-saving workflows that will further integration with other Enverus products. Watch as our ERCOT Power and Renewables analyst Scott Bruns explores what stays the same and how to open up the potential of the new Mosaic platform.

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Scott Bruns

Director of Markets

Before joining Enverus, Scott traded physical and financial power for nearly a decade at Direct Energy. Changing focus, he moved into the fundamental analysis group at Direct where he focused on developing congestion models, as well as provided traders a with short and long-term price views. In his spare time, Scott enjoys enhancing his Python programming skills and taking his new puppy to the dog park with his wife and children.

Head shot of Rush Milam of Enverus

Rush Milam

Macro Fundamentals

Rush is a product manager with Enverus’ Power & Renewables team, where he focuses on congestion and shorter-term power products. Before joining Enverus, he spent more than 10 years in various risk, analyst and trading roles in the energy and commodities industry. He is based in Austin, Texas.

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