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Integrated Reserves Forecasting Using Proprietary Data

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Thursday, March 23, 2023
10:00 AM | Central Time

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Tired of trying to build and analyze your type curves and forecasts across multiple platforms? How much time do you think you spend bouncing from tab to tab making sure your accuracy is just right?

Join us March 23 as we explore custom single well forecasting and type curve generation using a blend of public and your engineered data to help you optimize your results while accelerating your time-to-value.

During this webinar you’ll gain knowledge about:

  • Accurate forecasts for detailed PDP and PUD analysis to identify key geologic and operational variables
  • Uncovering operational variables and the impact they have on production and future development
  • Basin-level insights to know which areas contain the highest quality inventory



Jeb Burleson

Lead Technical Advisor

Jeb Burleson is a Technical Advisor at Enverus with over 5 years of industry experience focusing on asset valuations for capital markets. His specialties include operational cost benefit analysis, well database management, economic modeling, decline curve analysis, well spacing, and reserves forecasting. He obtained his BS in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University in 2015 and was working as a Reservoir Engineer for a geoscience and engineering consulting firm partnered with an international bank before joining the Enverus team.

Scott Malo

Scott Malo

Data Science PM

Scott Malo is a Senior Product Manager at Enverus focusing on data integration, advanced analytics, and data science model serving. He obtained his BS in Geology and his MSc in Integrated Geoscience from the University of British Columbia and University of Alberta. He has focused on Enverus' Core Solution and data integration technology.

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We’ll follow up right away to show you a quick product tour.

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