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Illuminating the Subsurface

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Thursday, November 3, 2022
2:00 PM | Central Time

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Operators today are facing increasingly compressed rig schedules, which often leads to quick decision-making and with insufficient subsurface due diligence beforehand.
Join Enverus’ product team Nov. 3 as we share how our new geoscience interpretation software, Subsurface Studio, which can help you:
  • Quickly aggregate your proprietary data into the Enverus platform
  • Screen deals faster and more accurately
  • Optimize asset development from start to finish within the asset lifecycle



Nick Tiedemann

Sr. Product Manager

Based in Denver, CO, Nick Tiedemann is a senior product manager at Enverus, responsible for Transform subsurface analytics software. Prior to working at Enverus, Nick designed 3D subsurface modeling and geosteering solutions as a product manager at Halliburton Landmark. He holds a BS in Geology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and an MS in Geology from Ball State University. Nick spends his free time tinkering with his motorcycle or truck, getting lost in the mountains and visiting geologically interesting places.

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We’ll follow up right away to show you a quick product tour.

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