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Forecast Intelligently for better Financial planning and Cash Flow management of Mineral assets

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Thursday, August 11, 2022
1:00 AM | Central Time

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Webinar was recorded on August 11, 2022

Confident business decisions depend on reliable forecasts. To gain visibility into near-term cashflow, timing of new production, drilling trends and asset value, you need up-to-date forecasts and analytics, quickly.

Join Jon Sweaney, Technical Expert at Enverus, August 11 from 1-2pm CT, to learn how to forecast near-term cashflow and screen mineral opportunities to make quicker and more accurate production and economic forecasts for better financial management and growth.

This session will showcase how to use Enverus’ Forecast and analytics solutions to:

  • Evaluate mineral opportunities with the best Enverus data sets
  • Generate forecasts for thousands of wells, within minutes
  • Track pad development and frac crew activities
  • Incorporate the platform into your reserves process (Aries, PHDWin, etc.)

Learn how to get up-to-date forecasts and analytics at your fingertips.



Jon Sweaney

Technical Advisor

Jonathan is a technical advisor part of Enverus’ Energy Analytics team with a focus on reservoir engineering workflows. Jonathan joined Enverus in 2021 after spending ten years working for various operators in the Permian Basin. His expertise is in A&D Reservoir Engineering but also has experience with drilling, completion, and production engineering operations. Prior to joining Enverus, he was Engineering Manager responsible for underwriting and creating cashflow models for a minerals acquisition company. He is based in Austin.

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