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Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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This webinar was originally recorded on March 5th,2024

Are you looking to optimize your tax strategy and minimize your tax burden as a mineral rights owner or manager? We’ve got you covered! Join Eliot Stone, Minerals team lead at Enverus and Maggie Caldwell CPA, director of Tax Advisory at Opportune, at the upcoming webinar, “Drilling Down on Taxes for Mineral Practical strategies to minimize tax burdens and maximize profits.”

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

  • Business Structure: Discover how the right structure can minimize your tax burden.
  • Royalty Partnerships: Learn how partnership agreements can boost cash flows for tax coverage.
  • Depletion: Understand how depletion works and its role in tax mitigation.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of tax-efficient strategies that could transform your approach to mineral management.

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Maggie Caldwell

Maggie Caldwell

CPA, Director, Tax Advisory at Opportune

Maggie is a Director in Opportune LLP’s Tax Advisory practice with over nine years of federal tax and accounting experience. She is a CPA and started her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP (PwC) on their Federal tax team where she primarily prepared income tax returns and audited income tax provisions for SEC registrants. Throughout her time at Opportune, she has provided tax compliance and provision advice to investors in numerous segments of the energy industry. In addition, she has created models for HLBV and various tax credits and assisted with income tax implications for various projects including mergers and acquisitions, UP-C transactions, IPOs, bankruptcy tax attribute optimalisation and overall case administration.


Eliot Stone

Sales Team Lead at Enverus

Eliot Stone is a leader of the Enverus Minerals Division, guiding a team of professionals that work with individual mineral owners, mineral investment funds, wealthmanagement departments, banks, E&P mineral departments, and foundations. Many of these groups seek ways to leverage technology to automate antiquated and costly mineral management practices and generate actionable insights all along the mineral and royalty lifecycle - from acquisition, through management, to divestiture. Eliot began his career in minerals as one of the early employees of MineralSoft and as a legacy mineral owner in Texas.

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