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Before Breaking Ground: Digitally Customize Land for Renewable Project Development

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Wednesday, November 8, 2023
12:00 PM | Central Time

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In an era marked by rapid technological progress and energy evolution, the appetite for renewable energy shows no signs of abating. By 2045, industry experts project that U.S. power demand could triple. Finding the best location for future utility-scale power projects is becoming increasingly competitive. Before breaking ground on projects, developers need to conduct a site assessment for the physical, biological, regulatory and societal features.


In this webinar, our hosts will explore the factors of land development for renewable energy projects. They will share how developers:


  • Locate parcels situated within a specified radius of substations and transmission lines, or where future infrastructure may be built
  • Zero in on parcels with the most desirable capacity for solar or wind and locational marginal pricing
  • Exclude areas not suitable for building on such as wetlands, flood plains, high slope and dense vegetation
  • Digitally customize land conditions to balance intensity of land development
  • Transition customized parcel area to begin the utilityscale pv design process



Robin Grathwohl

Product Owner at Enverus


Hakan Corapcioglu

Lead Technical Advisor at Enverus

Hakan is a Power & Renewables Customer Success Manager. He previously served as Senior Market Energy Analyst for Enverus’ Strategy and Analytics team, leading production forecasting, future market looking efforts and consulting project efforts. Hakan got his Master of Science and Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from Colorado School of Mines along with a minor in Business and Economics and worked as a mudlogger/on-site geologist upon receiving Bachelor’s degree for 2 years. Hakan completed his M.Sc. as a research assistant for Fracturing Acidizing Stimulation Technology (FAST) Consortium, and published and presented his thesis foundings under “SPE Paper #170835” in the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) in Amsterdam. Prior to joining Ponderosa Advisors, which was acquired by Enverus, he was the lead Petroleum Engineer at Austin Exploration, Inc.

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