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2024 Power & Renewables Outlook

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Wednesday, November 15, 2023
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This webinar was originally recorded on November 15, 2023

Key trends shaping tomorrow’s industry


In 2022, the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act marked a pivotal moment for our industry, with more than $3.7 billion committed to energy security and climate change programs. With political, economic, investment and consumer sentiments in constant flux, it is imperative to proactively understand how recent forces are influencing both the U.S. and international growth in renewables.


Our panel of industry experts has conducted an analysis of the trends and potential pitfalls that developers, EPCs, investors and oil and gas leaders should be aware of.


  • What has been the market impact of the Inflation Reductions Act after one year?
  • How have recent reforms affected trends in the interconnection queue?
  • With the surge in energy storage adoption, what can market players expect in the near future?
  • What distinctions can be drawn between solar trends in the U.S. and international markets?
  • How are forward-thinking industry professionals leveraging data for intelligent connections?


Join us for this annual insightful webinar, equipping you with the knowledge and insights to lead confidently in this era of change.



Sarp Ozkan

VP - Commercial Product at Enverus

Sarp is the VP - Commercial Product at Enverus. He has research and modeling experience in upstream &downstream oil & gas and power markets and has presented his work at various academic conferences around the world, including those organized by the SPE and the IAEE. He has also been published in the SPE Economics & Management Journal for his work on the long-term economic viability of production from unconventional liquids-rich reservoirs. Sarp’s focus on data-driven modeling and his ability to incorporate the effects of technological and market advances into analyses provides clients a thorough picture of the present and the future in their area of interest within the energy industry. Sarp holds a Master of Science in Mineral and Energy Economics from the Colorado School of Mines, a Master of Science in Petroleum Economics and Management from the Institut Francais du Petrole (IFP School), and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Chicago.


Gabriel Cañadas

Account Executive North America at Rated Power

Gabriel is a SaaS sales professional, currently Business Development Manager, for the North American market at RatedPower. For the past three years he has more than tripled RatedPower sales in this market. RatedPower commercializes SaaS design and engineering solutions geared to help solar companies reduce LCOE. Previously, Gabriel worked for the Spanish government promoting the expansion of Spanish companies in international markets.


Juan Arteaga

Intelligence Senior Associate at Enverus

Juan is a highly accomplished professional with a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary. His academic research is focused on the optimization of assets in power systems and electricity markets, with a particular emphasis on the integration of energy storage. Juan joined Enverus in January 2022, where he continues to advance the state of the art in electricity markets optimization and making a positive impact on the company's ongoing efforts to develop innovative solutions for the power industry. For Juan, his work is not just a career, but a personal mission to contribute to the development of sustainable energy solutions for the future.


Maxwell Ryan

VP of Product, Power & Renewables at Enverus

Maxwell Ryan is Sr. Director of Product, Power & Renewables at Enverus. He joined Enverus through the Energy Acuity acquisition where he was the Chief Product Officer. His expertise in data analysis and analytical software development helped to propel Energy Acuity from start up to acquisition. He has been building products focused on power generation, power delivery and power pricing for over a decade. Maxwell holds a BSBA in Finance and Real Estate from the University of Denver.

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