Energy traders know that the market never sleeps. Commodity prices are changing in real-time –so why aren’t your analytics? Get a competitive edge with automated forward curves. Enverus Trading & Risk has enhanced technology to update curves in real-time, giving traders, analysts, and brokers the most updated and accurate pricing data available. Whether you’ve been receiving the same broker-produced curves for years, or are relying on end-of-day updates from price reporting agencies, you must know there could be a more efficient way to collate and analyze forward curves. We hosted a webinar on how we automate the process with CurveBuilder.

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We invite you to do a little soul-searching. Examine your forward curves management process. Does your shop resemble one (or more) of the following curve building archetypes?

All three of these groups have one thing in common—they spend way too much time manually collecting, updating, and calculating data. Time is money–why are you wasting it? All three of these personas can use CurveBuilder to automatically create a single source of data, build forward curves, and deliver them to end users via the Enverus MarketView Desktop™ platform. Your emailed broker quote, price reporting agency data, and internal marks can all be in one central location. Are you ready to automate your curve management process? Here are the three key preliminary steps to follow:

  1. Organize your data requirements
  2. Document methodologies and calculations
  3. Understand downstream requirements

(Be sure to tune into our webinar to get more details on the process.)

Curve building has never been easier or faster. Enverus Trading & Risk enables you to build and manage thousands of curves with ease. We’ll give you a live demo of our technology–just click this link to get started.

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We’ll follow up right away to show you a quick product tour.

Let’s get started!

We’ll follow up right away to show you a quick product tour.

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