Power & Renewables

Clean, analytics-ready data

Modernize Your Mineral Management Portfolio. Manage your entire portfolio of Minerals, Royalties and Non-Operated Working Interests with purpose-built technology to capture missing revenue and maximize returns on your oil & gas investments.

Analyze Power & Renewables Data at the Speed You Need.

Access thousands of renewable energy projects and LMP data in a powerful new platform.
Enverus' comprehensive renewable energy project tracking coverage includes:

  • 27,000+ solar projects | 15,000+ wind projects | 6,000+ traditional projects | 3,000+ storage projects
  • Comprehensive coverage of developers, owners, power purchasers, suppliers and EPC
  • Project timelines | project locations | production analysis | analyst notes | project documents
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Cutting-Edge AI and Good Old-Fashioned Physics.

Technology and software offering up load forecasts and congestion analytics that power traders and financiers can't live without.
You've never seen power trading software do complex and time-saving analytics like THIS before:

  • Congestion modeling across four ISOs
  • 90-day power price forecasting for key trading hubs 
  • Proprietary load forecasting designed to save utilities time and money
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Perfected by Unmatched Human Intelligence.

You can't compete with real-life experience. Our market analysts have decades of power trading experience.
Our dedicated team of power & renewables analysts offer unique experience and perspectives across the most important U.S. trading hubs:

  • Decades of experience trading real-time power
  • Engineering and analytics experience at large ISOs
  • Hydrology and renewable energy expertise
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Let’s get started!

We’ll follow up right away to show you a quick product tour.

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