Digitalizing Source-to-Pay Key To Maximizing Time and Cost Savings in Operations

Speaker giving presentation on scientific business conference

How Enverus Source-to-Pay innovation is helping operators make big leaps toward total operating efficiency Colin Westmoreland, Enverus’ chief innovation officer, spoke at our SPARK 2022 conference in August. During his “Innovation Acceleration: Source-to-Pay” keynote, Westmoreland discussed how the complexity of the energy industry requires a comprehensive, connected Source-to-Pay platform — and how Enverus is bringing […]

How Source-to-Pay Helps Manage Asset Lifecycle and Make Better Sourcing Decisions

So, let’s recap. Back in August, we discussed Phase 1 of the asset lifecycle, “Evaluate & Acquire,” where you benchmark future inventory and forecast existing well performance using insights. Next up was Phase 2, “Design & Develop,” which allows you to run simulations and understand the asset’s impact from different variables on productivity, using historical […]

Automation and Operations Excellence in Energy: Five Things You Should Know


“In five years, the invoice as we know it today won’t exist.” This is just one example of the many thought-provoking statements presented during the 2021 SPARK Conference. Since its inception, the SPARK Conference’s driving purpose has been to help energy professionals navigate present and potential future challenges with thought leadership focused on process automation, […]

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