Peak Oil and EUR—Let’s be Careful Out There

There are so many variables that control well recovery—total proppant, total fluid, perforated length, wellbore length, reservoir geology—that it’s common for internal and external company analysts to use production from the peak month (month with highest production) as a quick a proxy for producible reserves. Be warned, however, that while the relationship is true in […]

Pinpointing the Well Spacing Sweet Spot in the Karnes Trough

Well spacing in the Eagle Ford Basin is tighter today than ever, with some wells in the Karnes Trough being drilled less than a football field apart. How did we get here? More importantly, what are the best options available to maximize production as spacing decreases? After a decade of downspacing across Eagle Ford, historical […]

Already Sluggish OFS M&A Activity Slows to a Crawl in Q3

The M&A market in oilfield services ground to a virtual halt in Q3, its slowest in deal value in at least five years, according to the Enverus Drillinginfo M&A Database. Combined, the entire sector produced only $2.53 billion in combined deal value in Q3—less than Transocean’s acquisition of OceanRig UDW in September 2018. All of […]