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IntegrityTitle®: Title Research Made Easy

Increase the speed and ease of your title research. IntegrityTitle offers the most comprehensive title research solutions through title plant access, title examination and title research services, ensuring faster, more accurate business results.

Benefits of IntegrityTitle Research

Quality of Data

Integrity is now part of Enverus, offering the most comprehensive title search data for Texas and New Mexico. With 94.96% title coverage in Texas and 73.12% coverage in New Mexico, Integrity gives researchers the highest-quality, most reliable data available—all in a single, intuitive platform.

Speed and Ease of Use

Get 24/7 online access to Integrity data and its rapid-search functionality any time you need it, saving time by shortening the evidence-gathering process. Integrity’s unique search functionality is one-of-a-kind in the title search market. It’s easy to learn and simple to use, offering selectable county maps and seamless third-party platform integration.

Gained business efficiencies

Integrity’s customizable data packages give your company decision-making confidence through faster search implementation and instant access to valuable title data. With zero registration fees, Integrity gives you the data you need to mitigate risk and prioritize revenues without added costs, making business more efficient.

A New Standard in Title Research

IntegrityTitle has joined the Enverus portfolio, an industry leader in software and data innovation. By integrating IntegrityTitle’s certified title plants, Enverus builds upon the most comprehensive title database in Texas and New Mexico. With this acquisition, you will now be faster and more effective with your title research, leveraging our unique-to-market title platform.

“As we bring Integrity into Enverus, we can utilize Enverus’ resources and expertise in data collection to expand what Enverus has been working on. You will be able to search and examine title more than you could in the old system.” – Corey Rhoden, SVP of Enverus.

Time is money. With the Enverus Integrity platform, you will become more agile with your title searches. Search more quickly, over multiple counties, in one click of a button, reducing claim risk.

Title Research at the Speed of Energy

We’re confident that this new platform will enable you to adapt more quickly in a rapidly changing business environment, significantly simplify your title research, lower costs, and reduce claim risk. IntegrityTitle Plants’ intuitive system improves time-to-value for researchers, increasing sales volume, productivity and business value with fast, agile title searches over multiple counties with the click of a button.

IntegrityTitle offers title plant coverage for 90% of Texas and 75% of New Mexico’s population. This gives professionals online, 24/7 access to more critical title data than any other provider in these regions. Seamless platform integration and fast access to valuable title data is part of how IntegrityTitle helps accelerate future growth for businesses steeped in competitive markets.


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Why Enverus for Title Research?


Title Plants

Fast, cost-effective solution improves efficiency



Extensive coverage



Fast access to valuable data

Products & Services

  • The largest coverage area for agents in Texas and New Mexico.
  • Title plant covers all major metropolitan markets.
  • Affordable title plants far exceed state guidelines; many county databases back to sovereignty with complete image libraries.
  • More than 93 title plant counties licensed in Texas and 17 in New Mexico.
  • Geographically indexed plants along with starter references.
  • Has underwriter approval from all major underwriters in the state.
  • Title evidence and examinations services available in 93 title plant counties across TX and NM.
  • Delivery times currently 2-3 days on residential properties and 4-8 days on commercial.
  • IntegrityTitle Company approved with all major underwriters.
  • Delivery of product through XML interface with embedded documents within commitment.*
  • Evidence contains all relevant documents.
  • Flat fee pricing and lower premium splits save agents money.
  • Product is insured through the P-24 arrangement.
  • Insured product covering the research and determination of Schedule B items.
  • Delivery of product within 24 hours.
  • Affordably priced evidence to help keep examiners productive.
  • One-owner searches.
  • 30-year reports.
  • All counties in Texas and New Mexico.
  • Starter File Referral Program (Texas only)
  • Title Plant Build Projects

IntegrityTitle is a licensed agent with the Texas Department of Insurance, Agency License Number 2336487

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