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Extend the power of the leading oil and gas data and analytics platform beyond the office walls.


Empowering Business Mobility

Automate Monitoring
Your own personal VirtualScout™ will notify you of key events.
Leverage AOIS
Stay focused on your business with AOIS built in the Enverus web app on mobile.
Stop Static Reports
Get actionable, interactive custom reports.
Get There First
With optimized route planning and rigs updated daily.

Key Features

Permits, Rigs, Frac Crews, Well Pads and DUCs Wherever You Go

The Enverus Rigs Mobile App gives you key datasets covering all parts of the energy industry including rigs, permits, DUCs, frac crews, well pads, M&A data and international layers. With coverage on more than 95% of active rigs, you are always a step ahead.

Integrating With the Web App Means Your AOIS Travels With You

Just because you are not at your desktop doesn’t mean you should be out of the loop with your area of interest. The Enverus mobile app keeps you informed 24/7.

Proactively Monitor, While Letting VirtualScout™ Do the Heavy Lifting

VirtualScout™ alerts you through your activity feed every time an event you are looking for occurs. Whether by location or more than 30 other filtering parameters, you are only getting intelligence you want to act on.

Supercharge Your Mobile Office With Hands-Free Voice Controls

Use Enverus’s cutting-edge technology to get to the rig first using voice commands. The power of your voice filters for rigs, permits, DUCs and driving directions.

International Datasets Keep You Informed Beyond the U.S.

The Enverus mobile app goes global with an International subscription. Carry the who, what, where, why and when of global oil and gas activity in your pocket.

Get There First With Optimized Route Planning

Efficiently get to rigs so you can focus on higher value activities. Optimizing your route is as simple as one tap.

Ready to Get Started?

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We’ll follow up right away to show you a quick product tour.

Let’s get started!

We’ll follow up right away to show you a quick product tour.

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