Rely On the Most Comprehensive OCC Data From Oil-Law Records

Oil-Law Records is now Enverus and is more comprehensive than ever. With Oklahoma upstream regulatory data and the ability to order custom-built OCC Spacing Application Plats, you have everything you need for your next Oklahoma oil and gas project.

Comprehensive Oklahoma Project Preparation, Analysis and Management with Enverus

Oklahoma Upstream Regulatory Data

Enverus makes it easy to visualize the most comprehensive and meticulously maintained OCC data, sourced from Oil-Law Records, in the Drillinginfo web application, quickly giving you the answers you need. View the relationship between each of these filings when combined and applied to your project, whether it’s a single section of land or an entire field. Each of the three OCC regulatory components are built to work together or independently.

Apps and Orders

Pooling research in the Oklahoma Scoop play

OCC Applications and Orders, Pooling, Spacing, Increased Density, Location Exception and Multiunit Horizontal Order research is required for oil and gas projects in Oklahoma. Fully-comprehensive, fully historical and updated every day, our App and Order dataset, combined with the visualizations of the Drillinginfo Web Application, provides unequaled efficiency and endless workflow possibilities.


Respondent workspace in Enverus - Drillinginfo Web Application

Respondents are part of every OCC CD App and Order. So, it’s natural that we would include Respondents as one of the three components of our regulatory data triad. However, we took it far beyond just a list that is attached to an App or Order. Our Respondents module makes researching Respondents faster, more efficient and more accurate than any other method. It can be fully-embedded and integrated into other OCC data workflows, or function independently.

OK Source Spacing/Units

Oil-Law Records OCC Spacing Application Plats

OLR’s proprietary ‘Source Spacing System’ includes fully interpreted and completely historical Spacing information on all Spacing Units and zones in Oklahoma. All underlying documents have been examined, determined, tabulated for flaws, and rendered as complete. This results in the highest degree of accuracy. Utilizing the Source System gives you complete access to Oklahoma Spacing and Density data that covers the entire history of a Spacing Unit, is simple to understand, and includes both Spacing and Density in a single entity. By eliminating any inconsistencies, conflicts or exceptions, this powerful dataset not only delivers the most accurate OCC Spacing information, but is also the perfect initial layer for researching new areas, and it’s only available through Enverus.

Oil-Law Records OCC Spacing Application Plats

About Custom Built Spacing Application Plats

Oil-Law Records is the top provider of OCC Spacing Application Plats, which are required as reference exhibits in all OCC Applications for Spacing. We’ve provided these plats since 1955.

Our Source Spacing system provides unmatched detail, with each unit clearly displayed and traceable through time and distance via order history affecting any formation in any area in Oklahoma. This fulfills the complete OCC requirement to identify the historical trail of a spacing order when extending, deleting or creating a unit for your well. The Oil-Law Records team provides plats documenting all exceptions and complexities, giving you the most comprehensive presentation of your OCC Spacing Application.

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