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Enverus Owner Relations Management Services, including print and mail services, owner phone support, division order analyst support and a self-service online owner portal, provide a complete solution to support your owners and working interest partners. Outsourcing these activities helps oil and gas land and accounting teams reduce the number of incoming calls, focus on higher-value operational activities and lower the cost of owner support.


Scale quickly

Flexible staffing and print and mail options let you scale up or down for fluctuating mail needs and call volumes, like tax season from January through April.

Save money

Usage-based pricing means you pay for what you use, saving money by eliminating internal overhead expenses.

Reduce incoming calls

Online hosting of tax documents and statements and outsourced phone support services significantly reduce incoming calls, allowing internal land and accounting teams to focus on higher-value tasks, increasing productivity.

1099 owner support services

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how Enverus Owner Support Services takes the burden of owner support off land and accounting teams.

Energylink online portal

Provide your owners and partners with secure, convenient 24/7 access to 1099 statements via the EnergyLink online Owner Portal. 

  • Hosting 1099s in EnergyLink significantly reduces phone requests for copies due to improper mailing
  • The 1099 file loaded into EnergyLink is the same as the file sent to the IRS, meaning no additional lift for operators
  • 1099s are linked to original revenue statements, so owners and partners get more transparency
  • Operators can upload 1099-NEC supplement reports that provide deductions and taxes by state
  • Operators can also provide ACH electronic deposit, Change of Address (COA) self-service, MISC, NEC and INT forms on EnergyLink

“The revenue and JIB platform is an excellent and efficient way to host owner data.”

– Controller, E&P Company


Print and mail services

Let us print and mail your 1099 forms and end envelope stuffing parties in the office. We can also assist with one-time communications, like acquisition letters and ACH signup forms, and monthly and seasonal mailouts, like royalty checks, check details and JIBs. Most times our customers find it less expensive to outsource their 1099 needs to us.


  • EnergyLink detects and flags incomplete addresses for correction before mailing
  • Mailed and online 1099s are in the same format
  • There are no volume restrictions, and you only pay for the services you use, avoiding overhead costs
  • Unlike banks, we can quickly implement solutions to meet evolving regulations, always ensuring compliance

“It seemed like a no-brainer for us. The cost of managing the process inhouse was more expensive than outsourcing the service. The benefit we receive from the service, freeing up all three of our internal employees’ time to do more important work, far outweighs the cost of the service.”

– Alex Francis, CIO, Utah Gas Company

Owner phone support services

With a track record of 80% of issues resolved on the first call, Enverus U.S.-based agents have several years of oil and gas accounting and land experience and are available Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT.


  • Owners have their tax calls and emails resolved in a timely, accurate and professional manner by a live person
  • Agents have access to EnergyLink data for quick issue resolution
  • Achieve the very highest levels of service consistency and quality with real-time call monitoring
  • Receive weekly call logs to know how many calls were answered, resolved or are still open

"Outsourcing services is a great way to bring efficiencies to oil and gas accounting teams. Our owner support from Enverus runs like a well-oiled machine. My team is happy."

– Kelly Davis, Controller, Camino Natural Resources

Division order analyst services

Our certified division order analysts can perform owner maintenance, manage special projects for lands teams or provide full division order support.


  • Enverus division order analysts have access to all Enverus systems—mail house, Courthouse 3.0, Courthouse Direct, Integrity Title, EnergyLink—that are valuable for a DOA/Land Admin—without your company paying additional licensing fees
  • Lower staffing costs with contracted support
  • Increase your internal team’s flexibility by having our division order analysts focus on special one-time or seasonal projects or division order maintenance

Why Enverus?

Enverus is the only company that provides an online owner portal, call center support and print and mail services focused solely on the oil and gas sector.

Reason #1



Our team has years of experience handling revenue data, printing monthly revenue checks and statements and providing dedicated call support for operators.

Reason #2



Our team members act as an extension of your full-time staff, so you have confidence in the partnership.

Reason #3



Each project is assigned a project manager. Rest assured that all documents will be mailed on time.

The clock is ticking

Before you know it, tax season will be here. Enverus is ready to manage your 1099 projects and ensure world-class service that represents your brand. With the upcoming tax deadlines, we need to start preparing now to reduce the burden on your staff and deliver results for your owners. The Enverus Business Relations team is available to discuss your specific needs and provide necessary guidance on how our services can be utilized.

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