Enverus Unveils Operator Intelligence, Delivering ‘Unprecedented and Unparalleled’ Insight on 180 Oil and Gas Producers


Austin, TX (September 11, 2019) – Enverus, the leading oil and gas SaaS and analytics company, today unveiled Operator Intelligence — executive-level research reports covering hundreds of notable public and private upstream oil and gas operators. The new tool draws from Enverus’ world-class datasets to deliver benchmarking and trend analysis while telling clear, compelling stories that capture the nuance of each operator. Live, curated workspaces accompany the reports and enable readers to quickly dive deeper and interact with our broader Enverus Drillinginfo platform.

“Until now, there was no easy way to quickly access up-to-date, aggregated summaries of the hundreds of public and private E&Ps,” said Colin Westmoreland, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Market Research at Enverus. “Executives across the energy value chain have been asking for a high-value research product like this, and we’ve delivered. We’re excited to help the industry’s key decision makers by adding context to our differentiated datasets and providing faster answers to some of their most important questions.”

“Operator Intelligence offers objective analysis that can be digested quickly, without hardly any technology learning curve. All users need to do is enter a company name and launch a search. In one click or tap, they’ll have access to a full research report,” added Westmoreland.

Examples of questions answered by Operator Intelligence include:

  • Where, exactly, is an operator’s position located? How good is their acreage?
  • How was the position built? Were M&A transactions cheap or expensive?
  • What landing zones is an operator targeting? How does each perform relative to peers?
  • Is productivity improving or declining?
  • Have private equity-backed operators improved performance since acquiring and assuming operatorship of their assets?
  • How are operators changing behaviors, and why?

Andy McConn, the principal analyst behind Operator Intelligence, is excited to maintain the momentum, continue to evolve the product, and add value to our industry’s decision-making process. “A lot of compelling analysis easily falls out of Enverus’ powerful product suite, but we don’t intend to rest on our laurels with this first iteration. We’re excited to build out more forward-looking, economics-based research and get to the heart of our customers’ needs.”

Operator Intelligence sits inside a suite of other value-add products that work across several of Enverus’ platforms. The full suite of Operator Intelligence products will scale and evolve alongside Enverus’ broader analytics ecosystem and is the latest solution under the Enverus Drillinginfo business unit.

This two-minute video demonstrates how oil and gas executives can utilize the new Operator Intelligence tools from Enverus to obtain critical and timely information on more than 180 oil and gas producers.

Members of the media interested in a sample of Operator Intelligence should contact Jon Haubert with the name(s) of the company or companies they are requesting.



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