Enverus’ MineraliQ Offers Greater Transparency, Digital Management for Individual Mineral Owners

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Austin, Texas (April 19, 2022) – Enverus, the leading energy SaaS company, has released MineraliQ, a free product that empowers mineral owners with a simple, easy-to-use portfolio management tool. These individual or family-owned mineral owners typically have ties to a small number of wells and royalty income under $100,000 annually. MineraliQ brings together everything from production data and well locations to post-production costs and expenses, providing a perspective on mineral assets rarely available to anyone other than big investors. This first-of-a-kind product is also the first consumer-focused product Enverus has released to the public.

With the price of oil above $100/bbl, calls for increased U.S. energy production continue to grow. Many economists point to a great transfer of wealth with 10,000 Americans reaching age 65 every day and facing retirement. This population controls an estimated $59 trillion in wealth that is being passed down to their children and heirs. In addition to a population and economic shift, this generational “silver wave” will likely pose a significant information gap and history of investments for many of the 12 million mineral owners receiving $50 billion in royalties each year. Unfortunately, tools to access, monitor and effectively manage these interests are severely limited, with small mineral owners often suffering from limited information to properly manage their assets.

“Individual or family-owned mineral owners often rely on mailed royalty checks as a key source of income and information. In time, that valuable information can be lost, overlooked or misunderstood. By tailoring this product to consumers and creating an online tool that is as easy to use as popular money management tools that many consumers use today to track budgets or investments, we’re providing the same transparency that large mineral owners and royalty companies take for granted. It gives non-institutional mineral owners a one-stop, overall view of their mineral portfolio, making it easier to manage their assets,” said Lindsey Artman, vice president of product management for Enverus.

Once an account is created, an owner enters their information to connect them to their mineral assets. Then MineraliQ automatically links revenue statement details to wells from the Enverus database, providing information in a format that’s well-organized and easy to digest. The product includes an interactive map displaying well locations and nearby oilfield activity, a feature of interest to the many mineral owners who are physically removed from their mineral interests and have difficulty keeping track of drilling and completion activities taking place around their property. Royalty mailing data confirms that mineral owners with a stake in the Permian’s vast oil and gas patch often live elsewhere, like Jacksonville, FL, Tucson and Phoenix, AZ, or San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA. Enverus’ MineraliQ will serve as both a financial management tool and education center, tackling common questions on topics like post-production charges, how to read a check stub, mineral leasing options and useful information for selling mineral interests.

“Many royalty owners find themselves using paper spreadsheets to track their oil and gas interests, due to lack of a better system. MineraliQ allows them to digitize their own financial information and enables options that may have previously been seen as out of reach,” noted Phillip Dunning, director of product management for Enverus.

Visit MineraliQ.com to learn more.

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