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Like many of you, we have been watching the war in Ukraine unfold with horror and deep sadness. Our hearts go out to anyone who’s been affected, including our customers, employees and their families.

As always, our first priority is our people. Enverus employs contractors who work from Ukraine, and we have been communicating with them and exploring how to best assist them. For any employee who needs support, we encourage you to utilize our Employee Assistance Programs, which you can learn about on our intranet. You can also reach out to your local HR business partners.

With the U.S. and its allies continuing to increase sanctions on Russia, we’ve been considering how Enverus can respond to the situation ethically, legally and effectively. After thorough evaluation, we have decided to suspend access for customers that are owned by Russian companies.

We did not reach this decision lightly. We have consulted outside legal advisors, our financial sponsors and board members, and have considered the actions and conduct of other multi-national companies. We wish there had been an alternate path that satisfied our legal and ethical obligations, but like many others have concluded that suspending service is the right path for us at this moment, and hope for a speedy resolution to the conflict.

We will continue to monitor developments closely and will provide updates regarding any additional actions.

Thank you all for your continued efforts. During this uncertain time, our work to help customers navigate changes in the energy markets has become more important than ever. With the Biden administration’s ban on oil imported from Russia, we’ve become the go-to source of knowledge for energy companies — from supermajors and large independents to institutional investors — that are seeking help while navigating this evolving situation.

In this challenging time, our Enverus family has demonstrated our values and come together as One Team, whether inside or outside the office. We are deeply grateful for your support of this business and each other.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your manager, or to me.


Jeff Hughes



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