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New Drillinginfo Web Platform Delivers Best-in-class Analytics and Data Within a Single Tool

Stay ahead of the competition and evaluate deals rapidly with online visualizations, production economics and forecasting functions

Media Contact: Jon Haubert | 303.396.5996

Austin, TX (March 7, 2017) –Drillinginfo announced today a new flagship web application that delivers cutting-edge technology and integrates seamlessly with new mobile app, adding more functionality for DI customers.

The Drillinginfo web app is an analytics and business intelligence tool that is easy to use and requires no implementation. It gives customers access to nearly the entire Drillinginfo database, with mission critical functions like forecasting estimated ultimate recovery (EURs), tracking of recent permit and leasing activity, and 24/7 custom notifications on a specific area of interest.

Too often, oil and gas professionals are forced to manually relate data accessed from disparate sources and waste valuable time transferring it to desktop software before they can build maps or analyze information to make strategic decisions. Drillinginfo makes that a thing of the past by providing tools to analyze data directly and in context, allowing collaboration across any organization. Leases, permits, rigs, production, and completion information can be used together to rapidly screen deals and evaluate opportunities. Information is easily exported if the opportunity warrants additional examination.

“Our customers need the most accurate information to present the best deals,” says Jimmy Fortuna, Senior Vice President of Product at Drillinginfo. “Although the market is recovering, the new normal is to be as efficient as possible, avoiding the waste of time and resources so common with legacy systems and out of date processes. Using our new robust web app, customers rapidly screen opportunities and forecast production within the context of lease information without spending the time to set up a desktop software project.”

To develop this new product, Drillinginfo partnered with energy customers across the value chain – from exploration and production (E&P) and oilfield service companies to financial services and midstream companies – to identify the key problems that today’s professionals face. Common themes included:

  • Identifying profitable opportunities in low-price markets –
  • Accessing accurate, complete information in an efficient manner
  • Beating competitors to the best deals
  • Easily sharing and collaborating with colleagues

Drillinginfo responded to these challenges by building a next-generation platform that combined the best features of the company’s legacy applications with sophisticated new technology to help customers work faster and make actionable insights based on accurate intelligence.

“Over the past several years, the industry has been forced to do more with less. Instead of putting together a piecemeal solution using tools and data from multiple sources, customers can access a single source with well and production data, the functionality to run decline curve analysis, identify true lease assignments, and pinpoint the most economically attractive opportunities,” said Allen Gilmer, CEO of Drillinginfo. “There is no other product out there that can deliver all of these capabilities through a single platform.”

The Drillinginfo web and mobile apps are available for free to all Drillinginfo subscribers.

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