Live Curve Building – Don’t Rely on End-of-Day Prices for Intraday Trading

Access to real-time prices for energy trading is critical, especially in this environment of extreme price volatility.

Building millions of real-time curves is now a reality. Real-time data from Trayport, Refinitiv, Bloomberg, ICE and CME can be combined with broker data and Price Reporting Agency (PRA) data as inputs to live curve building.

The power of live curves:

  • Real-time pricing of power and gas contracts
  • Timely asset optimization
  • Optimized trading and marketing strategies while understanding margins in real time


  • Short time-to-market
  • Out-of-the-box Trayport, Refinitiv, Bloomberg, ICE and CME Integration – just bring your license credentials
  • Integration with Enverus’ real-time curve-building solution
  • Price forward curves can be saved via snapshot at the customer-designated interval
  • Price forward curves can be generated on a sub-hourly basis taking into account shaping, arbitrage free and other calculation parameters
  • Price forward curves are automatically built as new data becomes available
  • System is fault tolerant with auto-recovery
  • Consume price forward curves in a curve dashboard, Excel plug-in or any reporting tool

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