Uncover Exclusive Insights for Your Team's Expansion in Latin America's Oil and Gas Landscape With Scout Highlights


Scout Highlights podcast will be your premier source for exclusive intelligence and insights in the ever-evolving Latin American energy, oil and gas sector. Stay well informed and ahead of the competition with comprehensive intelligence that covers the most critical elements of the Latin American energy landscape.

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Our Scout Highlights, included in our Global Scouting solutions, provide invaluable human intelligence and insights, bringing together a wealth of data and analysis on key aspects such as Latin America bid rounds, promotions and acreage releases, planned geophysical and geological surveys, ongoing exploration wells, planned field developments, country production and reserves, government affairs and fiscal terms. We understand that having access to the right information is vital for expanding your advisory team’s capabilities and driving your business forward. 

With our deep industry expertise and an extensive network of scouts, we curate and distill complex information into actionable intelligence that empowers you to make well-informed decisions. Our Scout Highlights go beyond basic data, offering exclusive and up-to-date insights that give you a competitive edge. 

Why Choose Global Scout Solutions?

Exclusive Insights

Stay ahead of the curve with our exclusive insights into Latin America’s oil and gas landscape. Gain a deep understanding of market trends, policy changes and upcoming opportunities.

Human Intelligence

Our team of expert scouts scour the industry, providing you with unparalleled access to firsthand knowledge and analysis. Tap into our extensive network of industry insiders and advisors. 

Strategic Advantage

Make confident decisions by leveraging our comprehensive coverage of Latin America bid rounds, promotions and acreage releases, planned geophysical and geological surveys, and more. Stay informed on the latest developments shaping the industry. 

Future-Proof Your Business

Gain the foresight you need to identify emerging trends and navigate complex challenges. Stay informed about planned field developments, country production and reserve updates. 

Expand your advisory team’s capabilities and unlock new opportunities in Latin America’s vibrant oil and gas market. Empower your organization with Scout Highlights and gain the competitive edge that sets you apart in this rapidly evolving industry. Act now and schedule a consultation with our experts to learn how Scout Highlights can transform your business. 


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