Energy Trading Week, London




September 28-29, 2022
Schedule your meeting with Enverus at Energy Trading Week in London to find out how you can transform your trading decisions with MarketView and CurveBuilder from Enverus.
MarketView is Enverus’ flagship service for consuming and analysing the markets that connect the world of global energy trading. It aggregates more real-time and end-of-day commodity market information than any other provider. MarketView has access to millions of data series from more than 500 data providers from all over the world.
Combine the power of MarketView with Enverus’ flagship CurveBuilder solution to build and analyse curves in seconds, ensuring you can be confident you are making the right decision, at the right time. CurveBuilder is the only real-time curve building solution on the market, and it has full automations with audit trails and version control.
Meet with Enverus at Energy Trading Week to explore our solutions for yourself and see how Enverus can make a difference to your business.
In this webinar, Bill Farren-Price and Ian Nieboer will explore how conflict in one part of the world can have such broad-reaching market impacts, investigate enduring tensions between producers in the Middle East, and suggest how best to accommodate geopolitical risk in global energy markets.


Tristan Ranger

Director of Product

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Let’s get started!

We’ll follow up right away to show you a quick product tour.

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