Drillinginfo is now Enverus

A new name to reflect our future. Creating the future of energy together.

2019 marks 20 years since Drillinginfo was founded as a ground-breaking provider of reliable oil & gas data. Since our founding, we’ve been helping our partners meet the energy needs of today, while building solutions for the problems of tomorrow. Technology designed by innovators, for innovators. When we think about energy, the first thing that comes to mind is you, energy innovators working across the spectrum, and the meaningful decisions you make every day.

Our innovative, cloud-based platform is engineered for your success — data, insights, and wisdom all in one place, backed by strong customer service and support. We deliver an intuitive interface for better intelligence, ensuring that you are on the cutting-edge of energy analytics. Inspired by the work you do, we’re passionate about the future of energy – and that future starts with you. Together, we can help power our world.

Our solutions help those who do business in oil & gas uncover hidden opportunities and stay ahead of competitors. We are constantly increasing our range of solutions and now offer industry-leading support for traders, risk managers, and those who want to improve their businesses’ operational efficiency across the entire energy value chain.

To mark our 20-year anniversary we are excited to be rebranding as Enverus. Made up of three platforms, we are the leading and largest SaaS platform in energy. Our first platform, Enverus Drillinginfo is focused on upstream Oil & Gas. Enverus Business Automation drives customers’ operational efficiency, and Enverus Trading & Risk delivers access to advanced market data and analytics.

Enverus brings together Drillinginfo plus the companies we have acquired, including Datagenic, Oildex, Cortex, Midland Map, MineralSoft, PRT, 1Derrick, PLS, MarketView, Oil-law, Energylink, and RigData.

Enverus represents the industry we serve (energy), the insight and vision we bring you through our solutions (ver), and the collaboration within our team and our commitment to our customers (us). Read the press release here.

Enverus represents our promise and commitment to our customers and our employees. This change represents the best of Drillinginfo’s past, combined with the value we bring our customers now and in the future.

You participate in the world’s largest industry and we’re dedicated to making sure it thrives. We’ll continue to help our customers make better decisions — data-driven decisions that help keep our houses warm, our motors running, and our futures bright.

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