Trevor Rix – EIR Contributor*


Trevor Rix joined Enverus in 2022 and leads the Canadian oil and gas research team. He is professional engineer in Alberta and has 20 years of experience in both upstream and downstream roles. Prior to joining Enverus, Trevor held the role of Senior Manager Engineering at GLJ Ltd., leading third-party corporate reserves evaluations for private […]

Scott Wilmot – EIR Contributor*


Scott Wilmot is a finance professional with more than 10 years of experience in the global energy infrastructure sector. In various corporate development and business development roles, he has been involved with regulated utility, renewable power and thermal generation assets.

Graham Bain – EIR Contributor*

Graham joined Enverus Intelligence Research (EIR) in 2020 with the acquisition of RS Energy Group. As lead of the subsurface group on the Energy Transition Intelligence team, Graham creates intelligent connections between the subsurface, emerging energy and carbon innovation technologies through 8 years of geoscience experience and a deep understanding of the energy transition. Prior […]

Alex Ljubojevic – EIR Contributor*

Enverus welcomed Alex to the firm in 2013 and he brought five years of sell-side institutional equity research experience working at various Canadian chartered banks covering an array of oil and gas sub-sectors. Alex heads up Enverus’ Lower 48 Natural Gas Intelligence group with a focus on Marcellus, Utica and Haynesville shale plays. In addition, […]

Heather Leahey – EIR Contributor*

Heather joined RS Energy Group (now Enverus) in September 2018 and leads the Low Carbon Fuels and ESG research teams. Heather earned a degree in chemical engineering and management from McMaster University and previously worked in exploitation and production roles at Birchcliff Energy and ConocoPhillips. At Enverus she contributes to technology screening, economic analyses and […]

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