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Sarp Ozkan

VP Commercial Product


Lily Murray

Account Executive Sales


Alan Vennemann

Sr. Principal Consultant Sales


Vincent Zicarelli

Account Executive Sales

Optimizing Utility-Scale Solar Project Siting for Success

To improve likelihood of projects reaching success and operation, developers and EPCs are leveraging multiple data resources to determine feasibility and complete business development case for new projects. Join this session to take your project analysis to the next level.

Presenter: Sarp Ozkan
May 2 at 10:00am CT

 A Quick Guide to Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Plant Design

TThis guide offers a comprehensive overview of essential considerations for designing your upcoming utility-scale solar PV plant. Delve into the intricacies of site selection, configuration, cutting-edge technology, storage solutions, and beyond.

Improving Injection Studies With Available Transfer Capacity

Thorough studies are necessary to evaluate feasibility and grid compatibility, with injection studies being pivotal in assessing stability and reliability. Recognizing the resource-intensive nature of this process, we’ve launched Congestion Analytics, a solution aimed at optimizing workflow and cutting injection study costs by as much as 80%.


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