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Confidently navigate the volatile energy market, from maximizing the subsurface to reducing emissions in the sky. We partner with you to connect the dots that reveal hidden value and better decisions throughout the entire asset lifecycle.

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for changes in the market and minimize future costs to ratepayers.

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with analysts empowered by the energy industry’s most trusted data and analytics as a single source of truth.

Energy Transition Research is your guide to understanding how decarbonization is driving interest in renewables, alternative fuels, and emission abatement technologies (including CCUS), backed by granular data and analytics, and transparent methodology.

How Energy Transition Research Can Impact Your Bottomline

Full Value Chain Analysis

Holistic, full value chain analysis assessment of the opportunities and risks facing stakeholders in the energy transition.

Transparent Workflows

Transparent inputs and methodologies, replicate research workflows using Enverus solutions.

Insight-Driven Relationship

Intelligence-led connection between our unbiased analytics and software solutions.

Energy Transition Research Market Coverage

Evaluate carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), from source-to-sink. Analysis brings fresh insight into catalysts, viability of economics and subsurface risk, and calls to action within this emerging and rapidly evolving industry.

Valuations and technical assessments of power and renewable technologies, assets and companies.

Updated perspectives on changes to the power load shape and growth, generation mix, transmission builds and more.

Data-driven forecast of the supply and demand fundamentals and insights from global geopolitical influences.

Evaluation of state of low carbon and renewable fuel markets, including technical, policy and demand analyses.

Proprietary and quantitative evaluation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance by company is published and updated at a regular cadence.

A long-term outlook of the global primary energy mix required to limit global warming.

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3 Key Efficiency Metrics for Enhanced Operations With Enverus PRISM® Activity Analytics
Energy Analytics
Understanding the timing of each stage of preproduction, known as efficiency metrics, is imperative for having confidence in forecasting cycle times of operators and service companies. This helps ensure equipment is fully utilized and groups know what’s needed for each...
Engineer near pumpjack
Business Automation
bySusie Yuill
Purchase order automation has the power to relieve oil and gas operators and OFS companies of many headaches in the procure-to-pay process. Energy companies continue to manage the procurement process using tedious, manual workflows that result in the same issues over and over — limited visibility to accounting teams on committed spend, duplicate invoices and payments, delayed payment to suppliers, manual verification and matching of documents, to name a few.
Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage: Finding Opportunities in an Emerging Market
Energy Analytics
The current state of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is dominated by the supermajors and large midstream companies who can afford to absorb risks in this emerging market. CCUS project developers are forging ahead without the typical commitments between...
Business Automation Energy Analytics
Saying the energy industry — an industry accustomed to challenge and change — has been rocked over these past few years is probably an understatement. Pandemics, wars, wildly variable oil futures, rapidly changing energy policies and inflation have quickly increased...
Planet earth with sun rising from space
Energy Analytics
Part 1: Pinpointing CO2 emitters Global alignment on net zero policies, Wall Street sentiment, and large tax credits from the U.S. and Canadian governments for carbon capture investment, are leading to exciting new opportunities for historically midstream service providers. Dominated...


Energy Transition Research
The energy mix is changing, creating opportunities and risks outside your traditional field of view. Tune in to learn how to thrive and build wider, better-informed perspectives of the energy industry, so you can connect ideas and take action before your peers and competitors.
Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 on the Energy Industry
Among other things, the legislation would invest nearly $370 billion in energy security and climate change programs over the next decade. This investment will aim to incentivize further renewable energy development, increase electric vehicle (EV) adoption, encourage reliable and efficient energy sources, and even target emissions from oil and gas infrastructure. We will also take a look at existing and potential issues that will not be solved by this legislation, such as immediate structural problems, supply chain challenges, and more. Join us for a deep dive into what is included, what's not, and how this legislation could impact the energy industry. his legislation could impact the energy industry.
Reduce Emissions & Unlock Opportunities with CCUS
The spotlight on carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) continues to intensify as developed economies face mounting pressure to decarbonize. Operating and planned CCUS projects now span multiple geographies, capture sources and CO2 applications, all while the list of stakeholders continues to grow. In this webinar, the Enverus Intelligence team will discuss:
1. Key catalysts and risks for large-scale CCUS deployment and highlights technical, economic and policy considerations critical to investment decisions in the technology
2. A summary of American CCUS project data disclosed through the end of 2021 and examine important trends and opportunities for the industry

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