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Energy Transition Research is your guide to understanding how decarbonization is driving interest in renewables, alternative fuels, and emission abatement technologies (including CCUS), backed by granular data and analytics, and transparent methodology.


How Energy Transition Research Can Impact Your Bottomline

Full Value Chain Analysis

Holistic, full value chain analysis assessment of the opportunities and risks facing stakeholders in the energy transition.

Transparent Workflows

Transparent inputs and methodologies, replicate research workflows using Enverus solutions.

Insight-Driven Relationship

Intelligence-led connection between our unbiased analytics and software solutions.

Energy Transition Research Market Coverage

Evaluate carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), from source-to-sink. Analysis brings fresh insight into catalysts, viability of economics and subsurface risk, and calls to action within this emerging and rapidly evolving industry.

Valuations and technical assessments of power and renewable technologies, assets and companies.

Updated perspectives on changes to the power load shape and growth, generation mix, transmission builds and more.

Data-driven forecast of the supply and demand fundamentals and insights from global geopolitical influences.

Evaluation of state of low carbon and renewable fuel markets, including technical, policy and demand analyses.

Proprietary and quantitative evaluation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance by company is published and updated at a regular cadence.

A long-term outlook of the global primary energy mix required to limit global warming.

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Energy Analytics Other
ByShane Reddell

In the current landscape of heightened environmental and social consciousness, upstream oil and gas companies face significant challenges in achieving favorable refinancing for their existing credit facilities. These challenges are compounded by the recent volatility in the debt markets and...

Energy Analytics Intelligence Publications
ByMaurice Smith

Wildfires that have already scorched more than double the average annual fire destruction across Alberta forced the shut-in of more than 300,000 boe/d while threatening future shuttering of output from the so-far largely unaffected oil sands region. Record temperatures saw...

Energy Analytics Energy Transition
ByHeather Leahey

CO2 containment risk has become one of the most popular topics among our clients evaluating CCUS projects. Operators need to understand and evaluate subsurface features that could trigger CO2 migration and containment losses as well as introduce additional safety, reputational...

Energy Analytics Energy Transition
ByRyan Luther

Anyone who thinks spending time at a public charging station is a blocker to buying an electric vehicle (EV) might want to consider the numbers behind EV and internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle refueling times. The answer is that it...

Enverus Blog - 6 tax preparation tips for mineral and royalty managers
Energy Analytics
BySilas Martin

Recent years have been a roller coaster for mineral buyers, from record low commodity prices to highs for oil and natural gas in the last year. Going forward, challenges and opportunities will be plentiful. We expect oil prices between $80...

Enverus Blog - April's energy outlook: Analyst insights you can't miss
Analyst Takes Energy Analytics
ByChris Griggs

May marks a new month, and it’s essential to assess the energy landscape of April. Our Enverus Intelligence® | Research (EIR) team has scrutinized critical trends and advancements, delivering to you insightful analyst takes that can shape your business decisions....


CCUS : Everything and the Carbon Sink
The spotlight on carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) continues to intensify as developed economies face mounting pressure to decarbonize. The Inflation Reduction Act only accelerated the race to secure partnerships with low-cost emitters and pore space owners, yet limited analogs of source-to-sink success exist today. Project developers and investors need a holistic solution to bridge disparate datasets, accelerate time-to-value and enable strategic decisions. Enter CCUS Analytics! During this webinar; you will learn how to: Identify the most compelling CCUS opportunities along the entire source-to-sink value chain Easily incorporate point source emissions, capture economics, infrastructure and storage screening Conduct seamless subsurface/surface risks assessments We will also summarize North American CCUS project data and examine important trends and opportunities for the industry.
Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 on the Energy Industry
The Inflation Reduction Act was introduced this week and, among other things, the legislation would invest nearly $370 billion in energy security and climate change programs over the next decade. This investment will aim to incentivize further renewable energy development, increase electric vehicle (EV) adoption, and encourage reliable and efficiency energy sources (like nuclear). We understand that this legislation would impact many of our Enverus customers and the broader energy industry. Join our team next week to take a deep dive into how this legislation will impact renewable energy, storage technologies, and more. We will also take a look at existing and potential issues that will not be solved by this legislation, such as immediate structural problems, supply chain challenges, and more. Join us to discuss: What is included and how it could impact the energy industry What is not included Some thoughts around what we expect to see next
Energy Transition Research
Efforts to decarbonize the economy while meeting our primary energy needs are creating opportunities in power markets, renewables, carbon capture, low-carbon/renewable fuels and ESG. Join Enverus’ Energy Transition Research team Nov. 8 as we share some our of favorite ideas from this new coverage area. During this webinar we will touch on: How to achieve triple digit returns for battery storage Sub-surface risks for Louisiana carbon storage Opportunities in the details of your emissions profile, and more.

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