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  • Volatility in market and commodity pricing
  • Time-consuming analysis required to keep leadership informed on market trends
  • Obtaining accurate production forecasts to better comprehend operator activity


  • Use O&G market insights to elevate your strategic positioning
  • Consult with analysts on commodity pricing and market trends
  • Comprehensive market visualization in Enverus PRISM®  to make data-driven decisions


  • Predict future activity patterns and price influencers based on market trends
  • Quickly make critical decisions
  • Increase confidence in production forecasts and validate your own insights

Client Overview

Tenaris is a global casing and tubing provider, headquartered in Luxembourg. Over the past decade, they have expanded their presence in the U.S. investing more than $10 billion into the domestic industry by building a state of the art manufacturing facility in Bay City, TX, and through the acquisitions of Maverick and IPSCO. By focusing on strategic acquisitions and understanding the intricate dynamics of the oil country tubular goods (OCTG) market and the broader oil and gas industry, Tenaris has emerged as the industry leader in its field. With a dedicated workforce of around 25,000 employees, Tenaris demonstrates its commitment to delivering exceptional products and services to its customers worldwide.



Leveraging Insights for Strategic Positioning

To strengthen its market presence and foster continued growth, it’s imperative for Tenaris to keep up with trends in the OCTG market, the steel industry and the oil and gas sector as a whole. Tenaris utilizes a broad suite of Enverus solutions to help gain a deeper understanding of the market and an edge on the competition. Some key Enverus insights for Tenaris include fluctuations in rig count, pricing, addressable market, types of operators and production levels by well. By leveraging Enverus analytics, Tenaris ensures their strategy continuously evolves to reflect current momentum and trends in the market.


Critical Decisions Grounded in Data

Tenaris prides itself on being an extremely data-driven company. They recognize the importance of validating their own analysis and decisions with accurate and reliable data. By leveraging PRISM insights on production levels and engaging in discussions with the Enverus team, Tenaris obtains valuable information about productivity trends across wells and operators. This knowledge has led to the refinement of their internal production forecast model for the U.S. including a connection between rig count and oil and gas production, ultimately helping to inform their decision-making processes.

*The views expressed in this case study are solely those of the customer, who represents a current client of Enverus and Enverus Intelligence® Research, Inc. The speaker was not obligated to provide, nor compensated for, the views expressed. Investment advisory products and services, including the research services referenced in this case study, are provided by Enverus Intelligence® Research, Inc., a subsidiary of Enverus registered with the U.S. SEC as a foreign investment advisor. Visit  for additional information.



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