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Quantitative Interpretations Driving Development

Faster Geophysical Workflows, With Higher Confidence

Success at a Glance


  • Many projects and variety of problems to solve
  • Lean teams working quickly
  • Large subsurface datasets and many variables


  • Get to interpretation faster with reliable support
  • Leverage efficient, streamlined software
  • Strong visualizations with quantitative analysis through MVStats in ESS


  • One geophysical platform that can handle complex workflows
  • Less time spent developing models and managing data
  • Informed development and asset optimization

Client Overview

NuVista is an oil and natural gas company actively engaged in the exploration for and the development and production of oil and natural gas reserves in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Their primary focus is on the scalable and repeatable condensate-rich Montney formation in the Alberta Deep Basin (Wapiti Montney).


Lean team balancing many projects

NuVista is actively drilling in the Montney, while continuously evaluating ways to improve their environmental footprint and identify new opportunities for expansion. The subsurface technical team is responsible for thorough, quantitative evaluation of a wide variety of projects, including water disposal decisions, evaluations of competitor acreage, exploration opportunities and finding development optimizations. Often, technical subsurface interpretation platforms are either developed primarily for visualization rather than statistical analysis, or they’re so complex that they are difficult to learn and implement, coming with a high price tag. NuVista needed to find a solution that can manage the variety of projects, wouldn’t hinder a lean team by being overly complex and provides reliable quantitative outputs.


Faster, reliable, quantifiable outputs

Enverus Subsurface Studio (ESS) was adopted by NuVista, as they found the solution was effective and seamless in completing the workflows the geophysicist was running. It was easy to learn ESS through the launcher, which provides quick resources to learn the functionality, and with the Enverus support team readily available for a session. The technical team is heavily focused on leveraging as much data as possible to make the best decisions, through modeling, statistical multi-variate analysis and extractions at stage-level through pad-level. MVStats, a renowned strength of ESS, it has been developed and continuously improved as the industry becomes more and more focused on identifying optimizations in the subsurface. The alternative to using MVStats would be to have a team at NuVista develop their own tool, building from the ground up, taking time and expertise to complete, in platforms that aren’t designed to handle subsurface data.


Confidently making better decisions

ESS allows NuVista geophysicists to be technically equipped with a subsurface interpretation software that allows them to move quickly and confidently, with a small team. Through better data management, QC functionality and reliable geophysical workflows like seismic conditioning, extractions, microseismic and statistical modeling, it arrives at a data-driven, quantifiable interpretation faster. Having the ability to assess a variety of projects allows NuVista to focus on delivering higher returns through more informed decisions.



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