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Optimize Solar Design at Scale

Evaluate More, Larger Projects With Agility

Success at a Glance


  • Teams wait to spend
    time/money on CAD
    design until solar project
    is mature enough
  • Design iteration is
    cumbersome, expensive
    and time consuming
  • Process limits teams to
    fewer design variations


  • Client selected
    Enverus RatedPower
    to plan, design and
    optimize solar power
  • Quick, non-CAD
    solution for simple or
    complex terrain
  • Assess multiple
    “what if” scenarios for
    optimal design


  • Evaluates larger early
    stage development
    projects for more clients
  • Empowers clients to
    make better informed
    decisions based on
    accurate price points
  • Increases design output
    to as much as 30
    gigawatts per year

Client Overview

1898 & Co. is a global business and technology consultancy arm of Burns & McDonnell. They provide a unique blend of engineers and industry specialists to bring together business insights with leading technical capabilities. 1898 & Co. partners with clients to plan, invest in, secure and optimize critical assets for a successful future.


Keeping Pace With Renewable Energy Growth

As the U.S. energy market undergoes rapid change with explosive growth in solar projects, service companies like Burns and McDonnell evaluate options for the best way to keep pace. Solar plant design is influenced by myriad factors, including parcel size, terrain and proximity to transmission, that are constantly shifting during project development. Using CAD based design at this stage is not economically efficient and as a result, Burns and McDonnell would historically only evaluate a few design scenarios per site totaling a few gigawatts per year.


After evaluating multiple design options, Burns and McDonnell selected Enverus RatedPower, a cloud-based solution that enables it to rapidly create preliminary utility-scale solar plant designs.


Evaluating Complex Design Scenarios at Speed

Leveraging RatedPower, engineers and non-specialists alike at Burns and McDonnell can easily evaluate multiple “what if” scenarios based on different solar plant requirements, constraints and pricing assumptions, then select the optimal project layout and cost model. This has allowed the company to increase the number of solar projects it supports an order of magnitude.



Power & Renewables

Company Size

500 employees


Kansas City, Missouri

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