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Third Coast transforms supply chain management with automation.

Success at a Glance


  • Manual and paper-based supply chain process 
  • Error-prone, multi-step purchase order (PO) creation and approval process
  • Absence of automation meant reliance on multiple platforms and fragmented workflows


  • Seamless connection between PO and invoice management and reconciliation 
  • Streamlined invoice creation and coding removed manual roadblocks
  • One platform to integrate review and approval workflows for operations and accounting teams


  • Enhanced efficiency and time savings allows team to focus on strategic tasks 
  • Improved compliance and reduction in errors and disputes 
  • Timely payments and reliable supply chain operations

Client Overview

Third Coast is a full-service midstream company with assets that provide critical infrastructure linking primarily natural gas production to end-use markets. Third Coast’s vertically and horizontally integrated assets are strategically located along the Gulf Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico. Third Coast currently owns or has an ownership interest in approximately 1,900 miles of interstate and intrastate pipelines, a gas processing plant and two offshore semi-submersible floating production systems with a combined processing capacity of up to 185 MBbl/d of crude oil and 340 MMcf/d of natural gas.


The Pre-Automation Era of Supply Chain Operations 

Third Coast supply chain workflows lacked automation and heavily relied on paper-based processes, resulting in operational inefficiencies. These systems were error-prone and entailed complex, multi-step procedures for ticketing and PO creation and approvals. 

This approach hindered scalability and gave rise to issues like data inaccuracies, duplicates and missed invoice approvals, which led to payment disputes and financial losses. Furthermore, it posed a risk to supplier relations and limited growth opportunities.

The time-intensive manual processes also slowed decision-making. The absence of automated PO and ticket management, along with limited reporting tools, made obtaining real-time visibility into AP data and project spend for strategic planning a challenging endeavor. To ensure project alignment and efficiency, it was imperative to empower multiple teams with the ability to track against goal and plan accordingly. 


A Digital Supply Chain Workflow 

To tackle these challenges, Third Coast adopted three crucial solutions: OpenOrder, to control the entire order management process and track spend; OpenInvoice, a cloud-based accounts payable platform; and OpenTicket for field ticketing review and approval. 

OpenOrder works in tandem with the other two solutions for a painless, end-to-end process from procurement to payment.

OpenInvoice connects PO and invoice management, eliminating manual data entry and enabling automatic coding and reconciliation. Third Coast benefited from the adaptability in managing service call outs and material purchases, plus the customizable workflows seamlessly integrated with financial and ERP systems to ensure data consistency.

Third Coast adopted OpenTicket to make easy work of field ticket management, reducing back-and-forth communication and standardizing the review and approval process. This transformation led to faster processing, error reduction, improved spend management and enhanced supplier collaboration.


From Pushing Paper to Seamless Automation

With the implementation of Enverus Business Automation solutions, Third Coast witnessed an improvement in their everyday operations, yielding remarkable results. Manual and paper-based processes, which were once a bottleneck, gave way to streamlined, automated workflows. This transformation has resulted in substantial time savings, reduced administrative burdens, and accelerated procurement processes, all facilitated by detailed spend visibility to ensure project alignment and efficiency. Team members were no longer bogged down by the manual management of purchase orders and invoices, allowing them to redirect their efforts towards strategic initiatives.

Data inaccuracies, duplicate entries and missed approvals became relics of the past, leading to workflows marked by precision and reliability. Payment discrepancies are now easier to catch, ensuring order compliance and accuracy.

The automated dispatch of purchase orders and invoices streamlined interactions, reducing the likelihood of disputes and late payments. Suppliers appreciated the newfound efficiency, nurturing stronger, more positive relationships to empower Third Coast to maintain a robust and dependable supply chain.




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