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Fueling Business Growth With Frac Market Insights

ZL Chemicals gains confidence and speed in their sales approach

Success at a Glance


  • Staying ahead in a competitive
    frac market
  • Time-consuming market
  • Obtaining insights to
    understand how to approach


  • Access detailed information
    like well locations, drilling
    activity and frac-focus data
  • Analyze customer acreage
    and basin-specific drilling rig
  • Access experts and workflow
    support as needed


  • Easily understand market
  • Identify opportunities to
    outshine the competition
  • Save valuable time to focus
    efforts on increasing revenue

Client Overview

ZL Chemicals is a technology leader in the chemical supply industry serving the oil and gas sector. Headquartered in Canada, ZL Chemicals has presence in Colorado as well as expanding to Texas and the international market. They’re committed to bringing innovative solutions to assist customers in increasing production efficiency in both the EOR and frac markets.


The Hidden Costs of Inadequate Market Intelligence

Like many companies in this rapidly evolving landscape, ZL Chemicals faced the challenge of staying ahead of the
competition and identifying new opportunities for growth. In today’s data-driven era, access to accurate and timely market
intelligence is crucial for success. The absence brings a risk of missing out on valuable opportunities, potentially resulting
in costly decisions, and lagging performance in the fast-paced oil and gas market.


Leveraging Data for a Strategic Sales Approach

With Enverus, ZL Chemicals gained access to the powerful, educational and visual Enverus PRISM® solution that provided detailed information about wells, including API numbers, locations and drilling activity. With that came the ability to analyze competitor
information and identify potential areas for growth. By using the proprietary frac-focus reporting information, ZL Chemicals
could see which products their target customers were currently using. This valuable insight allowed them to develop new
products with a competitive advantage and position themselves as the preferred choice.


Turning Volatility Into Value

In addition to having access to invaluable insights at their fingertips, ZL Chemicals has leveraged the support teams
in solving complex problems. This has expedited analysis even further to benchmark performance and find the right



Polyacrylamide Manufacturer for the Oil & Gas Industry

Company Size

500 employees


Houston, Texas, USA

Product Featured

PRISM® Foundations and Activity Analytics

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