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Evaluate Renewable Grid Connection Cost and Time With Better Confidence

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  • Uncertainty in timing and cost to connect a renewable project to the grid
  • Uncertain how interconnection queue and transmission build-out affect the grid injection capacity
  • Time consuming to organize scattered datasets across multiple sources


  • Comprehensive transmission infrastructure maps, LMP prices, historical project details and other relevant datasets
  • Extensive and detailed interconnection queue information
  • One-stop platform with structured and accurate datasets


  • Better decisions through a holistic view
  • Clearer visibility on compositing projects and impact on interconnection queue
  • Time saved by eliminating the need to sort and process vast amounts of data

Client Overview


Make Better Decisions Through a Holistic View

Projects with low interconnection cost and less basis risk are favorable from a development perspective. However, identifying such opportunities requires both technical knowledge and large datasets. Having one platform where the data and market intelligence are hosted in an accurate and structured manner offers a holistic view on a project’s potential, helping developers make better informed decisions.


Gain Clarity on Generation Interconnection Queue

Interconnection represents a major risk in renewable development. Historically, only 20% queued projects were able to complete the process and achieve commercial operation. Clarity on the interconnection queue and competing projects provides better estimation on network upgrade cost, basis and curtailment risks, and project values. Enverus provides
users with structured grid and interconnection data. The intelligence helps developers navigate the lengthy and costly interconnection process. In addition, having a plethora of project overviews, detailed project reports, documents and analyst notes assists in due diligence process and identifying risks and upsides when looking at a project’s transmission prospect.




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