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Reveal the Right Opportunities With Enverus Basin-Level Insights

Success at a Glance


  • Accurate estimation of basin volume and inventory using limited data  
  • Assessing volume and demand to determine economic viability of pipeline construction  
  • Time-consuming, manual mapping of evolving operator positions  
  • Relying on consulting companies to interpret disparate reservoir data 


  • Analyze basin-level insights to determine operator potential 
  • Utilize simplified mapping and visualization based on best available data 
  • Collaborate with a responsive, hands-on team for tailored feedback and guidance 


  • Enhanced validation and precision 
  • Increased analysis speed and accuracy  
  • Strategic decisions supported by competitive intelligence of market dynamics 

Client Overview

DT Midstream is an owner, operator and developer of natural gas interstate and intrastate pipelines, storage and gathering systems, compression, treatment and surface facilities. They transport clean natural gas for utilities, power plants, marketers, large industrial customers and energy producers across the Southern, Northeastern and Midwestern United States and Canada. The Detroit based company offers a comprehensive, wellhead-to-market array of services, including natural gas transportation, storage and gathering.


Difficulty Estimating Volumes and Inventory 

DT Midstream operates within a challenging market environment, where uncertainties and delays in gas deals arising from pricing fluctuations are prevalent. DT Midstream occasionally relied on consulting services to analyze and interpret reservoir data, resulting in significant expenses in terms of both time and cost. Moreover, relying on disparate external research and data providers hindered the team’s ability to access consolidated and timely information. Inconsistent or incomplete data further complicated analysis of basin prospects and justifying pipeline investments.  

The team’s daily tasks included manual evaluation of inventory and the placement of wells, regardless of project size. As an operator builds out a position, incorporating changes and adjustments into the plan, often leading to extended timelines of weeks and proved to be a laborious and non-scalable process.  

Recognizing the need to shorten this evaluation process, DT Midstream considered options including increasing headcount, engaging external consultants for data analysis and exploring bespoke datasets from multiple sources. The latter two options were associated with drawbacks such as outdated, incomplete or inaccurate information. Not finding a solution would also impact the business negatively because making data-informed decisions without the most accurate information could result in missed opportunities 


Quickly Find the Right Partners

DT Midstream found substantial value in implementing Enverus solutions across their operations to address these challenges. By leveraging Enverus Activity Analytics, they gained valuable insights into operator activity, such as permits filed and frac crews clearing pads, enabling them to forecast future activity and identify strategic partnerships. With a closer look into each basin or area of interest, DT Midstream gains an advantage of understanding insight into how the market is moving and where to focus investments based on potential gas flow.  

DT Midstream uses Placed Well Analytics for mapping and data visualization to generate an on-demand view into placed wells and empty DSUs, enhancing their analysis of the current operator inventory landscape and facilitating strategic decision making. Overall, Enverus significantly improved the speed and accuracy of map creation, offering DT Midstream enhanced efficiency in this critical aspect of their operations.



Efficiently Benchmark Remaining Inventory 

With an enhanced view into operator activity and remaining inventory, DT Midstream can quickly benchmark inventory and effectively target the right partnerships to inform capital decisions. By leveraging Enverus Intelligence® Research (EIR) market research and insights, DT Midstream gained a deeper understanding of the market challenges and direction and identified opportunities with operators, enhancing their strategic investments and where to focus operationally. Furthermore, the mapping and data visualization capabilities in the PRISM platform improved the efficiency of analysis, resulting in streamlined operations with greater efficiencies. 

Basin-Level Insights for Streamlined Analysis and an Informed Strategy 

Reliable data is crucial for DT Midstream, and Enverus plays a vital role in ensuring its integrity. By providing reliable data across all areas of interest, Enverus enables DT Midstream to cross-check information with other sources, ensuring accuracy and instilling confidence. This streamlined approach eliminates the necessity of multiple data providers, resulting in significant time and resource savings for DT Midstream during the data collection and analysis process. 

Tailored Solutions and Hands-On Support to Drive Results 

By leveraging Enverus solutions and support, DT Midstream has gained the ability to make informed decisions, evaluate opportunities swiftly and respond to investor inquiries with confidence. Enverus remains a steadfast partner throughout DT Midstream’s journey, offering unmatched expertise and comprehensive solutions. 


*The views expressed in this case study are solely those of the customer, who represents a current client of Enverus and Enverus Intelligence® Research, Inc. The speaker was not obligated to provide, nor compensated for, the views expressed. Investment advisory products and services, including the research services referenced in this case study, are provided by Enverus Intelligence® Research, Inc., a subsidiary of Enverus registered with the U.S. SEC as a foreign investment advisor. Visit  for additional information.




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