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Boost Productivity With Print and Mail Managed Services

Utah Gas Saves Time and Money by Outsourcing Owner Relations Print and Mail Activities

Success at a Glance


  • Managing the monthly check run process took three staff members two full days to manually process statements and checks for mailing.


  • The Print and Mail managed service, part of the Enverus Owner Relations Management Services, allows operators to outsource their print and mail needs so internal staff can focus on more strategic tasks. Operators can use the on-demand services to print and mail several different document types, from checks and one-time communications like acquisition letters and ACH sign-up forms to monthly and seasonal statements such as 1099s.


  • The company treasurer, land man and accounts payable manager no longer spend two days per month manually printing checks and statements and stuffing envelopes.
  • Utah Gas employees now have 24 more days per year – almost a full month of time back – to focus on higher priority tasks for the company.
  • Outsourcing the service allows Utah Gas to be more agile and respond quickly to the everchanging oil and gas market.

Client Overview


Utah Gas Corporation (UGC), a private diversified energy development company headquartered in Rangely, Colorado, needed help. As a smaller operator, the company recognized the importance of efficient operations across their entire business and sought solutions to automate processes as much as possible. One particular pain point was monthly check runs. “Check runs were a nightmare,“ says Alex Francis, CIO of UGC. The team of three — the company treasurer, the land man and the accounts payable manager — would work two full days to print checks and stuff envelopes repeating the following process:


Before Enverus Print and Mail Services

  1. The revenue accountant would process revenue in the accounting system where check files were created.
  2. Next, checks were printed in batches of 10. An employee then had to pull each check out with the corresponding statement to make sure it was separate.
  3. Someone would stuff the envelopes, manually write the names of the receiver on any large-sized envelopes and check postage for every package. Each envelope needed custom postage depending size.
  4. Lastly, staff had to reconcile the list to make sure everything was printed and ready to be sent.


To put it simply, the entire process was manual and tedious. Recognizing their staff’s time could be used better elsewhere, UGC began looking for alternatives to manage their check and statement print and mail needs.


UGC began vetting solutions and quickly heard about Owner Relations Management Services — turnkey managed service options that allow oil and gas operators to outsource owner, vendor and partner support, freeing up in-house staff for higher-value tasks. The full suite of services includes an Owner Portal, Call Center Services and Print and Mail Services.

The Print and Mail services caught UGC’s attention. After speaking to several other companies that used the service, the solution seemed like an industry standard because they heard nothing but great things.

Regarding the implementation process, it was very easy to get started. UGC sent a couple of check runs with the check appearance and a few months later they were fully up and running. Each company has its own specific business needs to be considered when getting set up. For example, UGC’s check files were originally missing details that the Print and Mail parser expected to be there. The Print and Mail team worked through these idiosyncrasies to make sure the services launched without a hitch.

“The Print and Mail Team was awesome on working with us around our specific business needs and challenges to get us up and running. Since day one, the team has been very responsive to any questions or issues we have,” said Alex.


UGC began seeing improvements during the first month of using the service. The company prints and mails anywhere from 150-400 checks per month, depending on the revenue process they are running. Now, their staff runs the revenue process, uploads the revenue files for the Print and Mail team and walks away. Once this task is complete, they don’t have to think about it anymore.

“Our first month of going live with the services, we immediately were able to free up three employees’ time. Where it used to take three people two days to complete the entire process, now they can focus on performing the work the company hired them to do” Alex said.

UGC feels the service has allowed the company to be more agile. They can manage their other processes and not worry about this particular process that, while important, isn’t the most strategic piece of their business. While other smaller operators are still stuffing envelopes, the staff at Utah Gas Corporation can do the work they were hired to do and respond to more important issues.



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