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1898 & Co. a part of Burns & McDonnell

Success at a Glance


  • Clients expect prompt,
    accurate research to
    drive strategic business
  • Data quickly loses
    relevancy in a few


  • One platform with the
    relevant data sorted and
    already reviewed for
  • Frequently updated
    datasets by dedicated
    research teams


  • Immediate access to
    analysis-ready data
  • No time spent updating
  • Tangential-type market
    analysis for additional
    client value add

Client Overview

1898 & Co. is a global business and technology consultancy arm of Burns & McDonnell. They provide a unique blend of engineers and industry specialists to bring together business insights with leading technical capabilities. 1898 & Co. partners with clients to plan, invest in, secure and optimize critical assets for a successful future.



Maintain Dataset Relevancy

1898 & Co. needs updated data to provide the most current and relevant insights for clients. However, the rapidly changing nature of the market poses a challenge, as the information gathered loses relevance within a few months.

Enverus PRISM® provides the latest datasets sourced by a dedicated research team. This team organizes and verifies the data, ensuring its accuracy. With PRISM, 1898 & Co. no longer spends time constantly updating their datasets. They can focus on analyzing data and drawing informed conclusions for their clients. The solution enables them to save time and immediately leverage the most current market intelligence, helping their clients make better decisions.


Deliver Market Research Promptly to Clients

To ensure their clients receive the most accurate market insights, 1898 & Co. collects data from multiple sources. However, accessing this information is challenging, as the data is not readily available. Extracting data, such as EIA and 860M reports, and sifting through vast quantities of ISO queue data is a time-consuming and cumbersome process. With PRISM, 1898 & Co. has all the information it needs consolidated on one platform. They can immediately jump into analyzing LMP data for battery sizing and basis analysis, generate comprehensive market or regional reports across various subsectors, and more. Enverus PRISM® is an invaluable time-saving solution, enhancing existing workflows and driving efficiency.



Power & Renewables

Company Size

503 employees


Kansas City, Missouri

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P&R Prism Suite

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