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byScott Malo

At Enverus, we continue to invest in both the quantity and quality of our data sets. Specifically, we consistently build our well log data set through acquisitions, public scraping and digitization. Due to the variety of sources and the constant influx of data, we developed a scaled, repeatable approach to create an analytics-ready well log suite.

Historically, it took our geologists weeks to months to alias, standardize and clean well log data before beginning a geological analysis. Today, leveraging this automated system developed by our data science team, our geologists subscribe to our Essentials and Essentials+ well log data set to kickstart their analysis. As a result, our geologists spend more time on analysis and value add solutions, rather than preparing their data. Along with the value of time savings, this process ensures consistency and transparency that other geological software systems do not offer. Specifically, our Essentials+ data set contains the final well log curve, a raw source indication, a data quality outlier detection and a flag of whether other data is available.

Chart comparing Essentials and Essential+ info
Figure 1 | Essentials logs are aliased from nearly 1 million raw curves down to roughly 600. They are then cleaned and given standardized headers, step rate and units. The Essentials+ logs take this one step further by merging curves from multiple depths to provide one log output per API. (Source: Enverus)

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Scott Malo

Scott Malo

Scott joined Enverus in 2020 through the acquisition of RS Energy Group. As a product manager on the Data Science team, Scott works with a team of data scientists, software developers and data engineers to develop advanced subsurface products. Scott has previous experience as a geoscientist and has transitioned his focus into the world of data science.

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