We have had a few messages from folks that don’t like the fact that you cannot login on the home page, but rather, a log in page.  The way around this is to bookmark the log-in page and go around the front page altogether.  You can always revisit it after login if you care to.

Second, our “experiment” with PLS content has yielded interesting results.  A lot of you HATED it, a lot of you LOVED it, and there was very little in-between.  We are really NOT an ad site, and don’t want to be, with one important proviso.  We want our members to be exposed to opportunities or items that can make them ‘Mo’ Money’.   I personally think the PLS content makes our map too cluttered.  As such, we will make this content so that you choose to show it or hide it.

Arkansas production is coming your way soon, and Montana and North Dakota will follow ASAP.  DNA is looking good… a lot of you are using it, and I love some of the suggestions you are sending in.

 Ramona Hovey and the DI ESP group are finalizing the ARC SDE layers and the Spotfire files for the Barnett Shale Research Platform and it’s initial results.  I know that a lot of you have been waiting impatiently for this, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.  It is truly something like I have never seen before.  As one Major Oil Co. bus dev person told me… “This is truly incredible.  We are going to use this along with Gene Powell’s newsletter.  Even though we don’t have holdings in this play, we can keep up with it better and be presented with entry points that we hadn’t even thought of.  If one strikes our fancy, I can quickly upgrade to the source data and files to give our own technical teams are light years ahead of where they would be otherwise”.

Or, as someone at a Mega-Independent told me… “This really allows our team to focus on making great decisions quickly.  For less than the cost of an engineer or a geoscientist, we get formatted data, interpretations and insights, and statistical analysis focused on the meat and potatoes of our business.  Plus, hundreds of map layers and statistical source data.  It would have taken us years to do this, and now we can merely build on it”.

In this industry, our professional expertise is going up in price lock-step with the price of oil.  Our focus here at Drillinginfo with this Research Platform series is to provide low-level to technical expert foundations on which to jump-start or accelerate the interpretive capabilities of your inhouse resources so you can get to a decision point faster.  We want to enable Drillinginfo members to be the fastest to recognize and implement “Best Practices”.  That is  our defined value prop … to make you better, faster, stronger.  Wait.  That was Oscar Goldman’s value prop to Steve Austin, the $ 6 million dollar man.  Oh well.  Call us Oscar.

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