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And that is a wrap! We hope these past 3 days have been very insightful and gave you the necessary tools to identify opportunities, solve problems and prepare for the future of energy.


EVOLVE Keynote Speakers:

On the last day of the EVOLVE Conference, we had two amazing keynote speakers, Peter Zeihan and Mark Mills, followed by a hands-on Technology Workshop.

Peter Zeihan’s presentation covered his perspective on energy today and energy tomorrow. He explained why the world’s largest industry has a complex future tangled in everything from geopolitics, to trade, to where you live on the globe.

Mark Mills provided a sobering reality check on the future of energy. He examined the topic of peak demand in light of the energy implications arising from the top ten emerging disruptive technologies, from virtual reality and robotics to self-driving cars and drones.

EVOLVE Content – On Demand

We recognize the unprecedented weather challenges that many people are facing, and we hope you are all safe! Be assured that all EVOLVE content has been recorded and is available on demand for you to access.

Click here to access the EVOLVE Conference session recordings and click the topic in the Auditorium to view the sessions from each day.

Let’s continue the conversation

Even though the conference is over, the dialogue should not stop here! Schedule time with our analysts, technical advisors and/or principal consultants for a more customized conversation geared to your business. Check out the recaps of day one and day two.

Thank you for making the EVOLVE Conference a huge success! See you next time!



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