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Data Management is Everything for Energy Traders & Risk Professionals


Our customers have an enormous amount of data to manage, digest, and analyze in a quick, timely manner. How can customers have a single source of the truth to gather that data and mitigate risk?

We asked Wendi Orlando, VP of Enverus Trading & Risk Product Management, and Ben Golden, Director of North American Professional Services and Customer Operations, for their take.

For Enverus customers, data management entails hundreds, if not thousands, of different data sources. Our customers manage many scenarios that may be outside of their core business, such as:

  • How are customers receiving the data, given all the different integration points?
  • Where is the data being stored?
  • Where are customers backing up the data?

Our trading focused customers need that data to absorb and analyze. Whether implementing industry best practices, or our managed services offerings, Enverus helps find the single source of truth.

Solid foundations in energy trading data—what are customers looking for today?

  • Market data from publishers and exchanges
  • Proprietary data use in forward curves calculations
  • Web-based scraping and aggregation

Tune in next week for part two in our vlog series—Data Management is Everything for Energy Traders & Risk Professionals.

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