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Trading and Risk
bySven Schoerner

Access to the right commodity market data at the right time is key to the success of traders, quants, risk managers and back-office professionals. Enverus’ MarketView APIs provides just that.

While many of our competitors focus on front-end solutions, MarketView also offers an API to help deliver the market data needed by the top global energy and commodity trading firms.

Let’s take a look at how this solution can have a significant impact on your business:

  1. Data overload: Do you receive a lot of data from various sources in multiple formats? MarketView can aggregate your various data sources, putting them in a common format and distributing them to your downstream system of choice.
  2. Duplication of efforts: Need access to MarketView data outside MarketView ExcelTools or MarketView Desktop? Say goodbye to the days of worrying about potential errors from manually copying and pasting data.
  3. Automate data input: MarketView APIs help automate data input, eliminating the need to manually feed data to multiple systems, such as an ETRM or ERP.

What type of users can benefit from MarketView APIs?

Automating and improving the way data is shared across a company benefits a variety of types of users. A trader or analyst might be running their own model to calculate prices daily, or even multiple times during the day. An API allows data to be updated with the click of a button.

For risk managers, the ability to track mark-to-market and value-at-risk is integral to success. An API sends data directly to the ETRM system, providing instant access to the analysis they need.

Quants might run a model in Python to do price forecasting or calculations. An API could automate the process of sharing data between MarketView and Python models.

In the back office, professionals create invoices or confirmations daily. These documents require end-of-day prices, making an API the perfect tool for this use case.

Increase efficiency and reduce opportunities for error

APIs have the power to increase your company’s operational efficiency and reduce the chances for error. With MarketView APIs running automatically, you can further streamline manual tasks, enabling employees to spend less time on repetitive, manual tasks and focus on value-add opportunities.

With automation, trading firms can smoothly start and finalize end-of-day processes. This reduces time-to-market because data is where it needs to be and can be easily updated. This also gives commodity traders access to a single source of truth.  When everything comes out of MarketView through the same channels, using the same API, it is guaranteed the data will be the same at all destinations.

To request a free trial of MarketView APIs, click here.

To read our white paper showing how commodity traders use advanced analytics like machine learning and AI, click here.

Sven Schoerner

Sven Schoerner

Sven Schoerner is the product manager for all of Enverus’ MarketView products and joined Enverus in December 2019. He began his career in Europe working in various energy trading front office positions before moving to the U.S. where he spent eight years working for a major ETRM software company serving as a business analyst and product manager. In his current role, he is responsible for the product roadmap of MarketView Desktop, MarketView Excel Tools, the MarketView mobile app and the MarketView API.

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