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A Geologist’s Backpack


All geologists working in the field start their day by throwing a few essential items into their backpacks: A hand lens, a hammer and a pad of paper to record the day’s findings. For geologists working from the office, we typically line our “backpacks” with other essential supplies. Geologists powered by Enverus start their day with backpacks filled with the tools necessary to evaluate and analyze different regions of a play. These include:

    1. All-encompassing mapping software (Transform VI) used to generate their own geologic interpretations.
    2. Access to Prism for a one-stop shop with access to public geological datasets, analyst-picked well tops, curated well logs and a full suite of geological maps to get you started.

Enverus unveiled the Log Viewer Widget (Figure 1) in Prism v7.9 on Oct.15. The log viewer allows for easy visualization of logs directly from our 2D mapping utility. This essential item has been added to our plethora of subsurface tools, to allow geologists to quickly navigate through their everyday analysis and get quick answers to their questions.

FIGURE 1 | Example of Log Viewer Widget

Source | Enverus

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