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5 Reasons To Attend SPARK 2022


2022 is on course to be an exceptional year for oil and gas. Exceptional, for the flurry of geopolitical events shaping the market. Exceptional, for the spectacular turn of events from 2020 – one of the industry’s most challenging years to date. But if 20+ years serving oil and gas has taught us anything, it is that things change fast. Every day still holds its share of surprises, risks and uncertainty.

Yet as the industry experiences inflation impacting drilling returns, stringent regulations and related compliance challenges, there’s never been a better time to invest in digital transformation.

So, to help you make the right investment, every year Enverus organizes SPARK – the premier energy conference bent on empowering energy companies to transform their oil and gas operations with analytics, automation and outsourcing. This time, we are back in person in San Antonio from Aug. 22-24, 2022.

And if last year is any indication, you can expect to attend an event designed with you in mind, with engaging sessions and networking opportunities to reunite with friends.

Still need some convincing? Here are five reasons why you don’t want to miss SPARK 2022.

Reason No. 1: Find More Ways To Keep Opex Down

It’s no secret that operating costs are the biggest controllable cost for the industry. In many cases, opex can be HIGHER than all general, administrative, interest, royalties and transportation costs combined.

That’s because, for a long time, there was no true way to scale production without adding headcount. But the option to hire more staff or settle for less efficiency is no longer viable.

Enter digitalization. Digitalization makes automating the oilfield possible, in the process making day-to-day operations more efficient. It also provides oil and gas operations with insights and the ability to take immediate action based on those and trim operational expenditures.

Now, with the advent of field intelligence, AI and big data, a new opportunity has emerged to move from siloed data systems and legacy software to integrated data and unified solutions with even more reduction of operational expenditures.

By joining our SPARK 2022’s “From Field to Finance: Faster Visibility Into Operations” session, you will get a glimpse into how connecting the field to the office helped one of our customers gain accurate, real-time visibility into operational spend using our integrated Source-to-Pay solutions.

With the power to access real-time data anywhere at any time, they were able to make production changes based on smart product insights to trim expenses and balance production. So that operations team could focus on the exceptions to save time, minimize costs and produce more oil.


Reason No. 2: Hear the Quantifiable Benefits of Digitalization, Straight From Your Peers

Speaking of peers and digitalization.

There truly is no denying the power of digitalization. Digitalization streamlines oil and gas operations improving productivity as well as efficiency and increasing cost savings. It also enhances communication and collaboration across teams and with suppliers.

Difficulties arise when trying to quantify the value of digitalization at the well. Since digitization is often part of large improvement initiatives, it is difficult to correlate results directly to bottom-line operational metrics such as operating costs or production volumes. But not for our customers.

Through our SPARK sessions, you will get to hear about the tangible and intangible benefits of digitization, directly from your peers. Whether this means faster invoice cycles, faster spend visibility, reduced manual touchpoints with automatic invoice approvals or better well performance management.


Reason No. 3: Stay Ahead of Investors’ Expectations

We all know investors expect returns from operators. Though maximizing those returns require COOs and VPs of Supply Chain and Operations to pay close attention to spend. It is often a struggle to get the right data to find opportunities to save on operational materials.

And if costs cannot be reduced, it impacts an operator’s ability to maintain profitability and negatively impacts the overall value of the company to investors.

Our Enverus’ Source-to-Pay solutions allow operators to demonstrate cost control initiatives are in place, which increases the value of a company to investors.

Not only that, as leaders in intelligence automation, we continuously update and improve our solutions so you can gain the most up-to-date granular and comprehensive understanding of your revenue and costs.

By attending SPARK 2022 you will get an exclusive glimpse into what’s next in terms of intelligent automation and spend management, in the field and in the office, so you can level up and deliver on expectations from shareholders and investors.


Reason No. 4: Gain Operative Advantage Over Your Competitors

Data is essential to make informed decisions. In oil and gas, it is used for everything from exploration and production to marketing and sales.

But that data is mostly siloed, spread out across different systems and departments, which means only 10% of it actually influences business decision-making. It’s hard to paint an accurate picture of what’s going on with disparate or missing pieces.

On top of this, when you work with multiple software applications, it creates challenges for the end user who must interact with different user interfaces and data outputs. Not only is it a management nightmare and a major drain on resources but it also means your employees are having to reconcile various data sets and attempt to extract valuable insights from those.

So, what’s the solution? How can you tie in real-time insights with decisions-making, your business goals with actual outcomes and go beyond data insight? The short answer: with data consolidation to break down data silos and intelligent automation to promptly identify missed opportunities and inefficiencies.

You can hear the complete answer at SPARK 2022 where you will discover how by integrating diverse data, we allow operators to augment decision-making and gain the operative advantage over competitors.


Reason No. 5: Keep Up With Oil and Gas Industry Trends

Oil and gas faces waves of changes. While capital discipline and operational management remain a priority, new trends are emerging, like the mounting pressure to decarbonize and the increasing recognition of ESG as a competitive advantage.

Being aware of those changes or updates in oil and gas has never been more crucial. Yet, knowledge and competency gaps are rife, even as demand increases. This leaves many operators struggling to keep up amid all these changes.

But how do you keep up with the latest industry trends? Well, you have the obvious choices like reading news on industry websites, subscribing to blogs and building relationships with suppliers and your peers.

Though two years of pandemic meant most in-person events were cancelled or postponed. And while we all went virtual, it was clear the virtual experience could never replicate the in-person engagement.

It’s true that going virtual makes it easier to access information wherever and whenever you want. But when it came to engagement and networking, virtual felt lackluster, never quite living up to the expectations set by in-person events.

2022 marks the return of our in-person SPARK conference during which you will have the opportunity to reconnect with experts and peers.

During sessions, you will hear from others in oil and gas on how they’re navigating new trends. And in between sessions, you will be able to exchange information on challenges and gain new insights you may not have thought otherwise.



While the industry continues to go through changes, we’ve never been more excited to welcome you at SPARK where you will:

  • Learn how to amplify investment ROI, lower opex and alleviate pressures from price inflation with digital transformation
  • Gain knowledge on how to leverage technology to streamline your operations, so you execute more time and cost-efficiently
  • Gain exclusive insight on how streamlining operations aids in navigating mission-critical initiatives, like ESG
  • Network and learn from your peers

Intrigued? Sign up to join us at the 2022 SPARK conference in person at the La Cantera Resort and Spa from Aug. 22 to 24.

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